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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2017Application of Lyapunov matrix inequality based unsymmetrical saturated control to a multi-vectored propeller airshipChen, Li; Whidborne, James F.; Dong, Qi; Duan, Deng Ping
2012Attitude control system for directional drilling bottom hole assembliesPanchal, Neilkunal; Bayliss, Martin T.; Whidborne, James F.
10-Nov-2016Bilinear modelling and bilinear PI control of directional drillingInyang, Isonguyo J.; Whidborne, James F.; Bayliss, Martin T.
1-Oct-2016Decision-making for unmanned aerial vehicle operation in icing conditionsArmanini, S. F.; Polak, M.; Gautrey, James E.; Lucas, A.; Whidborne, James F.
2009Design of poiseuille flow controllers using the method of inequalitiesMcKernan, John; Whidborne, James F.; Papadakis, George
Sep-2013Development of polychormatic irregular waves for testing OWC bidirectional turbines at a land-based test facilityFarman, Judith R.; Teixeira, Joao A.; Whidborne, James F.; Mba, David; Natanzi, Shahab
2014Electronic tuning of misaligned coils in wireless power transfer systemsAldhaher, Samer; Luk, Patrick Chi-Kwong; Whidborne, James F.
1-Sep-1993EMS control system design for a Maglev vehicle - a critical systemWhidborne, James F.
Jan-2017Evaluating the Rationale for Folding Wing Tips Comparing the Exergy and Breguet ApproachesHayes, D.; Lone, M. Mudassir; Whidborne, James F.
1-Jan-2016Fault tolerant control of a quadrotor using L-1 adaptive controlXu, Dan; Whidborne, James F.; Cooke, A. K.
8-Mar-2013Gain-scheduled H∞ control via parameter-dependent Lyapunov functionsChumalee, Sunan; Whidborne, James F.
23-Jul-2014Gain-scheduled H-infinity control for tensor product type polytopic plantsChumalee, Sunan; Whidborne, James F.
8-Apr-2014High input voltage high frequency class E rectifiers for resonant inductive linksAldhaher, Samer; Luk, Patrick Chi-Kwong; El Khamlichi Drissi, Khalil; Whidborne, James F.
2006Kolmogorov-Chaitin complexity of digital controller implementations.Whidborne, James F.; McKernan, John; Gu, Da-Wei
2011Linear feedback control of transient energy growth and control performance limitations in subcritical plane Poiseuille flowMartinelli, F.; Quadrio, M.; McKernan, John; Whidborne, James F.
Dec-2007Linear quadratic control of plane Poiseuille flow-the transient behaviour.McKernan, John; Whidborne, James F.; Papadakis, George
2006A linear state-space representation of plane Poiseuille flow for control design: a tutorial.McKernan, John; Papadakis, George; Whidborne, James F.
2008Minimizing transient energy growth in plane Poiseuille flowWhidborne, James F.; McKernan, John; Papadakis, George
1-Oct-2015Mixed uncertainty analysis of pole placement and H∞ controllers for directional drilling attitude trackingBayliss, Martin T.; Whidborne, James F.
2008A numerical investigation into the effect of engine bleed on performance of a single-spool turbojet engine.Rahman, N. U.; Whidborne, James F.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33