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Welcome to the Cranfield Collection of E-Research - CERES: a digital repository of research output from Cranfield University. CERES contains a growing subset of research undertaken at Cranfield University including journal pre-prints and peer-reviewed journal reprints, digital Theses and Dissertations, book chapters, working papers and technical reports. All items in CERES are full-text.

Cranfield CERES is being developed in collaboration between academic staff, the library and the IT department.


Masters theses have now been moved to a separate Masters theses archive. Masters are currently only available to members of the University.

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  • Puccinelli, Martina; Malorgio, Fernando; Terry, Leon A.; Tosetti, Roberta; Rosellini, Irene; Pezzarossa, Beatrice (Wiley, 2018-10-27)
    BACKGROUND Selenium (Se) enrichment of plants seems effective in enhancing the health‐related properties of produce, and in delaying plant senescence and fruit ripening. The current study investigated the effects of Se ...
  • Bailera, Manuel; Hanak, Dawid P.; Lisbona, Pilar; Romeo, Luis M. (Elsevier, 2018-10-12)
    One of the main challenges associated with utilisation of the renewable energy is the need for energy storage to handle its intermittent nature. Power-to-Gas (PtG) represents a promising option to foster the conversion of ...
  • Bowles, N. E.; Snodgrass, C.; Gibbings, A.; Sanchez, J. P.; Arnold, J. A.; Eccleston, P.; Andert, T.; Probst, A.; Naletto, G.; Vandaele, A. C.; de Leon, J.; Nathues, A.; Thomas, I. R.; Thomas, N.; Jorda, L.; Da Deppo, V.; Haack, H.; Green, S. F.; Carry, B.; Donaldson Hanna, K. L.; Leif Jorgensen, J.; Kereszturi, A.; DeMeo, F. E.; Patel, M. R.; Davies, J. K.; Clarke, F.; Kinch, K.; Guilbert-Lepoutre, A.; Agarwal, J.; Rivkin, A. S.; Pravec, P.; Fornasier, S.; Granvik, M.; Jones, R. H.; Murdoch, N.; Joy, K. H.; Pascale, E.; Tecza, M.; Barnes, J. M.; Licandro, J.; Greenhagen, B. T.; Calcutt, S. B.; Marriner, C. M.; Warren, T.; Tosh, I. (Elsevier, 2017-11-01)
    CASTAway is a mission concept to explore our Solar System’s main asteroid belt. Asteroids and comets provide a window into the formation and evolution of our Solar System and the composition of these objects can be inferred ...
  • Ioannou, Anastasia; Angus, Andrew; Brennan, Feargal (IOP Publishing, 2018-10-10)
    According to the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme introduced to support the deployment of offshore wind installations, an electricity generation party is paid the difference between a constant "strike price" (determined ...
  • Block Novelo, David Alejandro; Igie, Uyioghosa (2018-10-31)
    Airport-related air pollution has become a global concern. Around Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport, the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) levels double the concentration suggested by international authorities. At ...

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