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Welcome to the CERES, the Cranfield Collection of E-Research provided by Cranfield Library Services. CERES contains research undertaken at Cranfield University including journal pre-prints and peer-reviewed journal reprints, digital Theses and Dissertations, book chapters, working papers and technical reports. All items in CERES are full-text. Some items are subject to a publisher embargo but these can be individually requested from the author who may supply a copy at their discretion.

NB: Masters theses are in a separate Masters Theses Archive and are currently only available to members of the University.

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  • Butterworth, Ian (2016-10)
    This work focus on an engine oil pan application which expects component materials operate at elevated temperatures due to returning oil heating up during operation. Mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites are ...
  • Capa, Alma; Yan, Yongliang; Rubiera, Fernando; Pevida, Covadonga; Gil, María Victoria; Clough, Peter T. (American Chemical Society, 2023-03-11)
    Renewable clean H2 has a very promising potential for the decarbonization of energy systems. Sorption enhanced steam reforming (SESR) is a novel process that combines the steam reforming reaction and the simultaneous CO2 ...
  • Othaganont, Pongpun (2017-07)
    The battery electric vehicle (BEV) is considered to be one of the solutions for reducing greenhouse gasses and an alternative means of transportation. However, some current limitations such as higher powertrain costs, ...
  • Gucci, Francesco; Grasso, Marzio; Shaw, Christopher; Leighton, Glenn; Marchante Rodriguez, Veronica (Taylor and Francis, 2023-02-22)
    High mechanical strength and ionic conductivity of solid-state electrolyte (SSE) are currently conflicting targets that are very difficult to achieve. Polyethylene oxide (PEO) is one of the most common polymers adopted for ...
  • Lizana, Jesus; Miranda, Nicole D.; Gross, Larisa; Mazzone, Antonella; Cohen, Francois; Palafox-Alcantar, Giovani; Fahr, Patrick; Jani, Anant; Renaldi, Renaldi; McCulloch, Malcolm; Khosla, Radhika (Ubiquity Press, 2022-12-22)
    This article examines cooling in the built environment, an area of rapidly rising energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, the status quo of cooling is assessed and proposals are made for how to advance ...

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