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Welcome to the Cranfield Collection of E-Research - CERES. CERES contains research undertaken at Cranfield University including journal pre-prints and peer-reviewed journal reprints, digital Theses and Dissertations, book chapters, working papers and technical reports. All items in CERES are full-text. Some items are subject to a publisher embargo but these can be individually requested from the author who may supply a copy at their discretion.

NB: Masters theses are in a separate Masters Theses Archive and are currently only available to members of the University.

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  • Biczyski, Marcin; Sehab, Rabia; Krebs, Guillaume; Whidborne, James F.; Luk, Patrick (Society of Electricity, Electronics and Information and Communication Technologies, 2021-10-21)
    One of the ways in which we can facilitate the introduction of UAVs, especially autonomous ones, into public airspaces is to increase their safety. Brushless DC motors used for the majority of RC vehicles have ...
  • Manh, Ngo Huu; Nguyen, Van Anh; Duy, Han Le; Akihisa, Murata; Le, Van Thao; Ngoc, Trinh Quang; Gandham, Bharat (Elsevier, 2022-06-23)
    The butt weld of ultra-thin sheet raw material coils in production lines is a crucial challenge with traditional welding processes because of the troubles related to the control of heat input, arc stability, application ...
  • Vithanage, Randika K. W.; Mohseni, Ehsan; Lines, David; Loukas, Charalampos; Foster, Euan; MacLeod, Charles N.; Pierce, S. Gareth; Gachagan, Anthony; Ding, Jialuo; Williams, Stewart (Elsevier, 2022-06-25)
    The wire + arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) process, which combines an electric arc as a heat source and metal wire as feedstock is proving to be very effective when producing medium to large scale metal components. The ...
  • D’Amico, Rosario Davide; Erkoyuncu, John Ahmet; Addepalli, Sri; Penver, Steve (Elsevier, 2022-06-23)
    Digital twin (DT) technology allows the user to monitor the asset, specifically over the operation and service phase of the life cycle, which is the longest-lasting phase for complex engineering assets. This paper aims to ...
  • Wang, Chong; Sun, Yongle; Chen, Guangyu; Chen, Xin; Ding, Jialuo; Suder, Wojciech; Diao, Chenglei; Williams, Stewart (Elsevier, 2022-06-25)
    Hybrid plasma transferred arc (PTA)-laser additive manufacturing (AM) has the potential to build large-scale metal components with high deposition rate and near-net shape. However, the process is complex with many parameters ...

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