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Aug-1985Soil CompactabilitySeig, D. A.
May-2009Tolerable versus actual soil erosion rates in EuropeVerheijen, Frank G. A.; Jones, Robert J. A.; Rickson, R. J.; Smith, C. J.
Sep-2008Influence of xenobiotic perturberation on soil mcrobial communityHudecova, Ivana
14-Dec-2016Biochars in soils: towards the required level of scientific understandingTammeorg, Priit; Bastos, Ana Catarina; Jeffery, Simon; Rees, Frederic; Kern, Jurgen; Graber, Ellen R.; Ventura, Maurizio; Kibblewhite, M. G.; Amaro, Antonio; Budai, Alice; Cordovil, Claudia M. d. S.
Feb-2014Design, construction and testing of an ascending micropenetrometer to measure soil crust resistanceLorentz, Andrew
2009Geochemical and microbiological controls on the transport of Uranium through soilStone, Dorothy Grace
18-Nov-2016Physical soil quality indicators for monitoring British soilsCorstanje, Ronald; Mercer, Theresa G.; Rickson, R. J.; Deeks, Lynda; Newell-Price, Paul; Holman, Ian P.; Kechavarzi, C├ędric; Waine, Toby W.
2012A history of Soil Survey in England and WalesHallett, Stephen H.; Deeks, Lynda
4-Sep-2017Monitoring the response of roads and railways to seasonal soil movement with persistent scatterers interferometry over six UK sitesNorth, Matthew; Farewell, Tim; Hallett, Stephen; Bertelle, Audrey
Sep-2007Detection of soil compaction using soil electrical conductivityKrajco, Jozef

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