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Document Type: Technical Report
Title: Air traffic management accident risk, part 2: repairing the deficiencies of ESARR4
Authors: Brooker, Peter
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: This is a critique of ESARR4 and its main supporting documents. ESARR4 is the Eurocontrol Safety Regulatory Requirement Number 4 (Eurocontrol SRC, 2001): ‘Risk Assessment and Mitigation in ATM’, ATM standing for Air Traffic Management. It is demonstrated that ESARR4 and its supporting documents are defective. There is a lack of clarity about responsibilities for ATM safety. The claims ESARR4 etc make for its proposed methodologies are overstated – not supported by sound evidence from real world hazard analysis. Serious negative effects from this defective document include mis-allocation of scarce safety resources and the diversion of attention away from real safety improvements – wasteful of regulators’ and managers’ time. Suggestions are made for repairing these deficiencies. The most important underlying change would be a refocusing on practical safety assessment based on methods that have already demonstrated their merits.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1826/875
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