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  • Tammeorg, Priit; Bastos, Ana Catarina; Jeffery, Simon; Rees, Frederic; Kern, Jurgen; Graber, Ellen R.; Ventura, Maurizio; Kibblewhite, M. G.; Amaro, Antonio; Budai, Alice; Cordovil, Claudia M. d. S. (Taylor and Francis, 2016-12-14)
    Key priorities in biochar research for future guidance of sustainable policy development have been identified by expert assessment within the COST Action TD1107. The current level of scientific understanding (LOSU) regarding ...
  • Sakrabani, Ruben; Kern, Jurgen; Mankasingh, Utra; Zavalloni, Costanza; Zanchettin, Giulia; Bastos, Ana Catarina; Tammeorg, Priit; Jeffery, Simon; Glaser, Bruno; Verheijen, Frank G. A. (Taylor & Francis, 2017-06-28)
    Biochar research is extensive and there are many pot and laboratory studies carried out in Europe to investigate the mechanistic understanding that govern its impact on soil processes. A survey was conducted in order to ...
  • Verheijen, Frank G. A.; Mankasingh, Utra; Penizek, Vit; Panzacchi, Pietro; Glaser, Bruno; Jeffery, Simon; Bastos, Ana Catarina; Tammeorg, Priit; Kern, Jurgen; Zavalloni, Costanza; Zanchettin, Giulia; Sakrabani, Ruben (Taylor & Francis, 2017-06-28)
    A representativeness survey of existing European Biochar field experiments within the Biochar COST Action TD1107 was conducted to gather key information for setting up future experiments and collaborations, and to minimise ...
  • Kern, Jurgen; Tammeorg, Priit; Shanskiy, Merrit; Sakrabani, Ruben; Knicker, Heike; Kammann, Claudia; Tuhkanen, Eeva-Maria; Smidt, Geerd; Prasad, Munoo; Tiilikkala, Kari; Sohi, Saran; Gascó, Gabriel; Steiner, Christoph; Glaser, Bruno (Taylor & Francis, 2017-06-28)
    Peat is used as a high quality substrate for growing media in horticulture. However, unsustainable peat extraction damages peatland ecosystems, which disappeared to a large extent in Central and South Europe. Furthermore, ...

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