Improved branch and bound method for control structure screening

Show simple item record Cao, Yi - Saha, Prabirkumar - 2011-11-13T23:24:22Z 2011-11-13T23:24:22Z 2005-03-01T00:00:00Z -
dc.identifier.citation Yi Cao and Prabirkumar Saha, Improved branch and bound method for control structure screening, Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 60, Issue 6, March 2005, Pages 1555-1564. -
dc.identifier.issn 0009-2509 -
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dc.description.abstract The main aim of this paper is to present an improved algorithm of “Branch and Bound” method for control structure screening. The new algorithm uses a best- first search approach, which is more efficient than other algorithms based on depth-first search approaches. Detailed explanation of the algorithms is provided in this paper along with a case study on Tennessee–Eastman process to justify the theory of branch and bound method. The case study uses the Hankel singular value to screen control structure for stabilization. The branch and bound method provides a global ranking to all possible input and output combinations. Based on this ranking an efficient control structure with least complexity for stabilizing control is detected which leads to a decentralized proportional contr en_UK
dc.language.iso en_UK -
dc.publisher Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam. en_UK
dc.subject Control structure screening en_UK
dc.subject Branch and bound method en_UK
dc.subject Hankel singular value en_UK
dc.subject Tennessee–Eastman process en_UK
dc.subject Process control en_UK
dc.subject Stability en_UK
dc.subject Systems engineering en_UK
dc.subject Optimization en_UK
dc.title Improved branch and bound method for control structure screening en_UK
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