Reliability of floating foundation concepts for vertical axis wind turbines

Show simple item record Kolios, Athanasios J. - Collu, Maurizio - Brennan, Feargal P. -
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dc.identifier.citation A.J. Kolios, M. Collu, F.P. Brennan, Reliability of floating foundation concepts for vertical axis wind turbines, Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures : 2010 PRADS 11th triennial, 19-24 September 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Pages 1483-1491.
dc.identifier.isbn 9788528501414 -
dc.description.abstract Offshore wind turbines are developing at a rapid pace. By far the most common turbine configuration is the HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine) and development of these machines is largely centered about drive train and blade issues with some work concerning foundations/ supporting structures. Several teams around the world are developing floating supporting structures for HAWT, mainly for deep water deployment. This paper describes the development of a floating support structure for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) with particular focus on structural/survival risk and reliability. Unlike Oil & Gas floating support structures, wind turbine floaters need to resist significant dynamic wind and machine loading in addition to wave excitation. Coupling of dynamic response modes can be difficult and consideration of these within a reliability framework presents several challenges. The paper describes a simplified procedure for risk assessment so that potential areas of concern can be quickly identified and uses a VAWT to illustrate the methods and reasoning employed. en_UK
dc.title Reliability of floating foundation concepts for vertical axis wind turbines en_UK
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