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Document Type: Article
Title: A multiple-gate runner system for gravity casting
Authors: Hsu, Fu-Yuan
Jolly, Mark R.
Campbell, John
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Fu-Yuan Hsu, Mark R. Jolly, John Campbell, A multiple-gate runner system for gravity casting, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 209, Issue 17, 19 August 2009, Pages 5736–5750
Abstract: The L-shaped junctions in running and gating systems used in aluminum gravity casting have been investigated. Using computational modeling, a guideline for constructing two geometries of L-junctions was developed. The sequential filling profile of liquid metal along L-junction was confirmed by real-time X-ray video of an aluminum alloy sand casting. The change of flow direction through L-junctions can yield a high coefficient of discharge Cd, without entrapping detrimental oxide film defects because of the smooth flow, minimizing surface turbulence. A short "clear-up" time, the duration of filling a component, of L-shaped junction is also achieved. For the necessary of future application of this junction, its dimensionless equivalent lengths ( was to eliminate the trial and error approach as designing a multiple-gate system. From the guideline of L-junction, the two junctions can be assembled into a complex multiple-gate runner system. In this novel design of multiple-gate system, uniform distribution of flow through each gate into a mould cavity has been demonstrated. A high Cd value was also predicted.LE/D) and loss coefficient K were estimated. The m
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2009.06.003
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