Sensorless high-speed BLDC machine using hardware-RFO

Show simple item record Shen, Jian-Xin - Hao, He - Jin, Meng-Jia - Fei, Wei-Zhong - 2012-08-30T23:02:49Z 2012-08-30T23:02:49Z 2011-12-31T00:00:00Z -
dc.identifier.citation Jian-Xin Shen, He Hao, Meng-Jia Jin, Wei-Zhong Fei. Sensorless high-speed BLDC machine using hardware-RFO. COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Vol. 31 Iss: 1, pp.182-190
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dc.description.abstract High-speed permanent magnet (PM) brushless dc (BLDC) motor often needs a continuous rotor position signal for dynamic phase-advancing control, whist such kind of position signal cannot be directly obtained from the conventional Hall effect sensors or via the traditional back-EMF-based sensorless control strategy. Furthermore, during high-speed operation, the inverter free-wheeling diodes may conduct for more than 30 elec-deg, obscuring the back-EMF zero- crossings. Hence, the traditional back-EMF-based sensorless control strategy becomes unworkable. To overcome these problems, a new sensorless control method is proposed in this paper. It uses full hardware to observe the flux vector which is excited by rotor magnets. Thus, it can provide the rotor position which is the same as the phase angle of the observed flux vector. The proposed sensorless control method is validated with a 2Kw, 85000rpm PM BLDC motor system. en_UK
dc.subject Sensorless control en_UK
dc.subject Flux observer en_UK
dc.subject Brushless DC motor en_UK
dc.subject High-speed operation en_UK
dc.subject Magnetic devices en_UK
dc.subject Electric motors en_UK
dc.title Sensorless high-speed BLDC machine using hardware-RFO en_UK
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