Large-scale instabilities in a STOVL upwash fountain

Show simple item record Saddington, Alistair J. - Cabrita, P. M. - Knowles, K. -
dc.contributor.editor W., Rodi and M. Mulas - 2012-08-23T23:01:57Z 2012-08-23T23:01:57Z 2005-12-31T00:00:00Z -
dc.identifier.isbn 0080445446 -
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dc.description.abstract The fountain flow created by two underexpanded axisymmetric, turbulent jets impinging on a ground plane was studied through the use of laser-based experimental techniques. Velocity and turbulence data were acquired in the jet and fountain flow regions using laser doppler velocimetry and particle image velocimetry. Profiles of mean and rms velocities along the jet centreline are presented for nozzle pressure ratios of two, three and four. The unsteady nature of the fountain flow was examined and the presence of large-scale coherent structures identified. A spectral analysis of the fountain flow data was performed using the Welch method. The results have relevance to ongoing studies of the fountain flow using large eddy simulation techniques. en_UK
dc.subject fountain en_UK
dc.subject impinging en_UK
dc.subject jet en_UK
dc.subject LDV en_UK
dc.subject PIV en_UK
dc.subject STOVL en_UK
dc.subject supersonic en_UK
dc.subject turbulent en_UK
dc.subject underexpanded en_UK
dc.subject VSTOL en_UK
dc.title Large-scale instabilities in a STOVL upwash fountain en_UK
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