Shock behaviour of a phenolic resin

Show simple item record Wood, D. C. - Hazell, P. J. - Appleby-Thomas, Gareth J. - Barnes, N. R. - 2012-07-25T23:02:01Z 2012-07-25T23:02:01Z 2011-12-31T00:00:00Z -
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dc.description.abstract Phenolic resins are used in many aspects of everyday life, e.g. as the matrix material for carbon fibre laminates used in the aerospace industry. Consequently detailed knowledge of this material, especially while under shock loading, is extremely useful for the design of components that could be subjected to impact during their lifespan. The shock Hugoniot equation of state for phenolic resin (Durite SC-1008), with initial density of 1.18 gcm −3 have been determined using the plate-impact technique with in situ manganin stress gauges. The Hugoniot equation in the shock velocity-particle velocity plane was found to be non- linear in nature with the following equation: Us = 2.14 + 3.79up - 1.68up2. Further, the Hugoniot in the pressure-volume plane was observed to largely follow the hydrostatic curve. Lateral gauge measurements were also obtained. An ANSYS Autodyn TM 2D model was used to investigate the lateral stress behaviour of the SC-1008. A comparison of the Hugoniot elastic limit calculated from the shear strength and measured sound speeds gave reasonable agreement with a value of 0.66 ± 0.35 GPa obtain en_UK
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dc.subject shock en_UK
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dc.subject Hugoniot en_UK
dc.subject Equation of state en_UK
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dc.subject polymer en_UK
dc.subject lateral gauges en_UK
dc.subject AUTODYN. en_UK
dc.title Shock behaviour of a phenolic resin en_UK
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