Shock propagation in a cemented tungsten carbide

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dc.description.abstract WC-based ceramic metal composites (cermets) are of great importance in both armor and munition design due to the combination of properties imparted by the presence of two different phases. WC–Co cermets are of interest in this area due to the hardness and strength imparted by the WC phase while the cementing Co matrix acts to increase plasticity and toughness. Here the dynamic response of G13 WC–Co manufactured by Kennametal Engineered Products B.V. was studied via a series of plate impact experiments involving both longitudinal and lateral gauges, which allowed determination of the Us−Up relationship, measurement of a Hugoniot elastic limit of 3.3±0.2 GPa, measurement of a spall strength of 4.38 GPa, and an investigation of the stress dependence of shear strength in such a strong en_UK
dc.publisher American Institute of Physics en_UK
dc.subject shock en_UK
dc.subject hugoniot en_UK
dc.subject HEL en_UK
dc.subject tungsten carbide en_UK
dc.subject bullet cores en_UK
dc.subject failure en_UK
dc.title Shock propagation in a cemented tungsten carbide en_UK
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