Development and validation of a self-report measure of bus driver behaviour

Show simple item record Dorn, Lisa - Stephen, Lucy - af Wåhlberg, Anders E. - Gandolfi, Julie - 2012-01-23T23:02:06Z 2012-01-23T23:02:06Z 2010-12-01T00:00:00Z -
dc.identifier.citation Lisa Dorn, Lucy Stephen, Anders af Wahlberg & Julie Gandolfi. Development and validation of a self-report measure of bus driver behaviour, Ergonomics, 2010, Volume 53, Issue 12, pp1420-1433
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dc.description.abstract There are likely to be individual differences in bus driver behaviour when adhering to strict schedules under time pressure. A reliable and valid assessment of these individual differences would be useful for bus companies keen to mitigate risk of crash involvement. This paper reports on three studies to develop and validate a self-report measure of bus driver behaviour. For study 1, two principal components analyses of a pilot questionnaire revealed six components describing bus driver behaviour and four bus driver coping components. In study 2, test-retest reliability of the components were tested in a sub-sample and found to be adequate. Further, the 10 components were used to predict bus crash involvement at three levels of culpability with consistently significant associations found for two components. For study 3, avoidance coping was consistently associated with celeration variables in a bus simulator, especially for a time-pressured drive. Statement of Relevance:The instrument can be used by bus companies for driver stress and fatigue management training to identify at-risk bus driver behaviour. Training to reduce the tendency to engage in avoidance coping strategies, improve evaluative coping strategies and hazard monitoring when under stress may improve bus driver safety. en_UK
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dc.publisher Taylor & Francis en_UK
dc.subject bus driver crash driver behaviour traffic safety traffic accident record celeration behavior driving performance older drivers sample-size on-road stress prediction simulator risk en_UK
dc.title Development and validation of a self-report measure of bus driver behaviour en_UK
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