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Document Type: Article
Title: Ultra-precision grinding of PZT ceramics – Surface integrity control and tooling design contribution
Authors: Arai, S.
Wilson, Stephen A.
Corbett, J.
Whatmore, Roger W.
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Citation: S. Arai, S.A. Wilson, J. Corbett, R.W. Whatmore. Ultra-precision grinding of PZT ceramics—Surface integrity control and tooling design. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 2009, Vol.49, Issue 12-13, p.998-1007
Abstract: A methodology for consistent surface integrity control in ultra-precision grinding of polycrystalline PZT ceramics is established through assessment of the interaction between the method of material removal and the machine design. In the first phase of experimentation, defects including porosity and fractural damage induced in the subsurface area were investigated. This was linked to a statistical analysis of cup wheel grinding conditions, which suggested previously unconsidered systematic models for the material removal process and which identified the optimum machining conditions required for excellent surface roughness and surface flatness with minimum textural damage. In verifying the suggested model, not only the grinding parameters but also control of the loop distance between the grinding wheel and the surface of the workpiece have been considered. Contact at the material removal interface was found to be of critical importance. This idea led to a design improvement for the tooling structure. It was concluded that viscoelastic damping and relatively soft contact at the material removal interface are beneficial in obtaining a fine surface finish together with a flat surface. This contrasts to previous work where researchers have claimed that high static loop stiffness and high resonant frequencies of machine structures are essential for this purpose.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1826/4309
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