Modeling sediment yields in Italian catchments.

Show simple item record van Rompaey, Anton Bazzoffi, Paolo Jones, Robert J. A. Montanarella, Luca 2009-04-29T13:48:02Z 2009-04-29T13:48:02Z 2005-02-01
dc.identifier.citation Anton Van Rompaey, Paolo Bazzoffi, Robert J.A. Jones, Luca Montanarella, Modeling sediment yields in Italian catchments, Geomorphology, Volume 65, Issues 1-2, 1 February 2005, Pages 157-169 en_UK
dc.identifier.issn 0169-555X
dc.description.abstract Sediment yield observations, derived from 40 long-term sedimentation records in Italian reservoirs, were used to calibrate and validate the spatially distributed sediment delivery model WaTEM/SEDEM using the best data available at national scale. The sediment yield data set includes records from semi-natural catchments in northern Italy as well as agricultural and semi-natural basins in central and southern Italy. The average size of the catchments is 150 km2 with mean annual sediment yields ranging from 0.20 to 20 t ha−1 year−1. WaTEM/SEDEM estimates mean annual sediment fluxes to permanent river channels. Depending on the local transport capacity, the sediment flux is detachment-limited or transport-limited. The optimal transport capacity parameters for Italian conditions were derived via automatic calibration procedures. A global model calibration procedure taking into account all catchments in the dataset led to an overestimation of the sediment yield for the mountain catchments and an underestimation for the non-mountain catchments. Sediment yield estimates are more reliable when calibration procedures are applied separately for mountain and non-mountain catchments. The model performance of WaTEM/SEDEM is rather poor in the mountain catchments (R=0.25), which suggests that the model structure is too simplified to come to an adequate description of the sediment fluxes. The model performance for the non-mountain catchments, which are more important from a management point of view, is significantly better (R=0.51). Considering the fact that data layers with a 75×75 m resolution were used, the results are encouraging the further development and application of spatially distributed sediment yield models at regional and national scale levels. en_UK
dc.language.iso en en_UK
dc.publisher Elsevier en_UK
dc.subject Sediment yield en_UK
dc.subject Soil erosion en_UK
dc.subject Reservoirs en_UK
dc.subject Italy en_UK
dc.title Modeling sediment yields in Italian catchments. en_UK
dc.type Postprint en_UK

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