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  • Adel, A.; Djeridi, R. (Cranfield University Press, 2009-03-31)
    Due to the increasing systems complexity, architecture design became an important issue. It gained interest and its importance was framed in three domains: as a way to understand complex systems, to design them, to manage ...
  • Su, D.; Casamayor, J. (Cranfield University Press, 2009-03-31)
    To meet the demand of online collaborative design, a Web-based Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) has been developed. An approach to enhance sustainable furniture design by utilizing the CWE is proposed. In this ...
  • Azene, Y. T.; Roy, Rajkumar; Farrugia, Didier; Onisa, C.; Mehnen, Jorn; Trautmann, H. (Cranfield University Press, 2009-03-31)
    The paper presents a framework to optimise the design of work roll based on the cooling performance. The framework develops Meta models from a set of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the roll cooling. A design of experiment ...

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