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Document Type: Article
Title: Validation of an intrinsic groundwater pollution vulnerability methodology using a national nitrate database.
Authors: Holman, Ian P.
Palmer, R. C.
Bellamy, Patricia H.
Hollis, J. M.
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: I. P. Holman , R. C. Palmer, P. H. Bellamy and J. M. Hollis, Validation of an intrinsic groundwater pollution vulnerability methodology using a national nitrate database, Hydrogeology Journal, October 2005, Vol 13, Nos 5-6, p665-674
Abstract: The importance of groundwater for potable supply, and the many sources of anthropogenic contamination, has led to the development of intrinsic groundwater vulnerability mapping. An Analysis of Co-Variance and Analysis of Variance are used to validate the extensively applied UK methodology, based upon nitrate concentrations from 1,108 boreholes throughout England and Wales. These largely confirm the current aquifer and soil leaching potential classifications and demonstrate the benefits of combining soil and low permeability drift information. European legislation such as the Water Framework Directive will require more dynamic assessments of pollutant risk to groundwater. These results demonstrate that a number of improvements are required to future intrinsic groundwater vulnerability methodologies. The vertical succession of geological units must be included, so that non-aquifers can be zoned in the same way as aquifers for water supply purposes, while at the same time recognising their role in influencing the quality of groundwater in deeper aquifers. Classifications within intrinsic vulnerability methodologies should be based upon defined diagnostic properties rather than expert judgement. Finally the incorporation into groundwater vulnerability methodologies of preferential flow in relation to geological deposits, soil type and land management practices represents a significant, but important, future challenge.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10040-005-0439-4
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