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  • Salama, I. M. (Cranfield University, 2002-05)
    An experimental study of the particle-to-metal interaction during high temperatures and velocity impact conditions is presented. A novel continuous erosion testing facility have been used to study the effect of particle ...
  • Tan, S. C. (Cranfield University, 1988-01)
    An experimental and theoretical study of the particle trajectories in a gas turbine intake has been presented. computer model was written to simulate a particle behaviour flight in a theoretical flow which was ...
  • Dennis, C. W. (Cranfield University, 1996-10)
    The exhaust -plumes generated by rocket motors are of significant military importance for missile detection, recognition and communication due to their electromagnetic emission and propagation properties. The plume is a ...
  • Ghenaiet, Adel (Cranfield University, 2001-09)
    Erosion of gas turbines operating in sandy or dusty environments can result in serious damage to the engine components, particularly the compressor unit. This phenomenon is a result of the ingestion of the sand particles ...

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