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Document Type: Article
Title: Some hypersonic intake studies
Authors: Lanson, F.
Stollery, J. L.
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: F Lanson, J L Stollery; Some hypersonic intake studies. 2006, Aeronautical Journal, Vol 110, No 1105, March 2006, pp 145
Abstract: A 'two dimensional' air intake comprisipg a wedge followed by an isentropic compression has been tested in the Cranfield Gun Tunnel at Mach 8,2. These tests were performed to investigate qualitatively the intake flow starting process. The effects of cowl position, Reynolds number, boundary-layer trip and introduction of a small restriction in the intake duct were investigated. Schlieren pictures of the flow on the compression surface and around the intake entrance were taken. Results showed that the intake would operate over the Reynolds number range tested. Tests with a laminar boundary layer demonstrated the principal influence of the Reynolds number on the boundary-layer growth and consequently on the flow structure in the intake entrance. In contrast boundary layer tripping produced little variation in flow pattern over the Reynolds number range tested. The cowl lip position appeared to have a strong effect on the intake performance. The only parameter which prevented the intake from starting was the introduction of a restriction in the intake duct. The experimental data obtained were in good qualitative agreement with the CFD predictions. Finally, these experimental results indicated a good intake flow starting process over multiple changes of parameters.
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