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  • Attard Montalto, Nicola (Cranfield University, 2010-04)
  • Dicken, Anthony (Department of Engineering and Applied Science, 2013-12-04)
    An increasing number of fields would benefit from a single analytical probe that can characterise bulk objects that vary in morphology and/or material composition. These fields include security screening, medicine and ...
  • Scott, Robert (2017-06-14)
    Despite the importance of calcifications in early detection of breast cancer, and their proposed association with tumour growth, remarkably little detail is known about their chemical composition, or how this relates to ...
  • Smith, Kerrie L. (2019-02)
    Material specific information from objects in absconditus for warhead dismantlement verification A long-standing problem within nuclear disarmament is that there are no established methods to verify that a nuclear weapon ...
  • Round, A. R. (Cranfield UniversityCranfield Postgraduate Medical School, Department of Materials and Medical Sciences, 2007-12-12)
    Previous research has shown that diagnostic information could be obtained from small angle X-ray scattering from breast tissues. The observed differences were attributed to two possible causes, the production of a new ...

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