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  • James, Gregory R. (United Kingdom Defence Academy/Cranfield University, 2020)
    Injuries from penetrating ballistic projectiles, such as fragments and bullets, are the major cause of military (and civilian) casualties in conflict, as well as casualties in terrorist incidents. This research project ...
  • Murray, R (2016-08-19)
    Expert witnesses employ bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), to provide objective analysis of bloodstain evidence in criminal cases. This thesis added to the scientific understanding of BPA by generating and analysing a large ...
  • Malbon, Chris (2021)
    There is a paucity of published research into female body armour resulting in a lack of evolution in design and testing solutions. A series of surveys and experiments were designed to extend the knowledge relating ...
  • Dicken, Lisa (Cranfield University, 2019)
    Bloodstains on finished fabrics are frequently found at crime scenes, however there has been limited work on the creation mechanisms and interaction of blood and fabric. The initial aim of this research was to verify the ...

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