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  • Miller, David P. (2010-10-12)
    This Project is an investigation to determine the position that a 17th Century musket ball was fired from a musket, when given the position it was found on the battlefield. Prior to this research the main concerns with ...
  • Sparks, Emma S. (Cranfield UniversityEngineering Systems Department, 2007-03-27)
    The intent of this thesis is to define a set of processes for use within UK Government dismounted soldier systems research that will provide stakeholders with auditable and traceable information to understand gaps in ...
  • Lister, Aimee (Cranfield UniversityEngineering Systems Department, 2007-04-27)
    Health and Safety regulations are becoming ever more stringent in order to protect us in all aspects of our daily lives to prevent noise pollution and damage to hearing. For those in the military and some areas of civilian ...
  • Tawell, Miles G. (Engineering Systems Department, 2010-11-08)
    A widely used class of Less Lethal Weapon is the kinetic energy projectile. This can cause blunt trauma to the targeted person and, under certain circumstances, its use can result in permanent injury or death. The low ...

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