Contact cleaning of polymer film solar reflectors

Show simple item record Sansom, Christopher L. Fernández-García, Aránzazu Sutter, Florian Almond, Heather King, Helen 2016-08-23T14:40:41Z 2016-08-23T14:40:41Z 2016-01-31
dc.identifier.citation Sansom, C. L. et al. (2016) Contact cleaning of polymer film solar reflectors, Proceedings of the SolarPACES 2015, Cape Town, South Africa, 13-16 October 2015 en_UK
dc.identifier.issn 0094-243X
dc.description.abstract This paper describes the accelerated ageing of polymer film reflecting surfaces under the conditions to be found during contact cleaning of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) collectors in the presence of dust and sand particles. In these situations, contact cleaning using brushes and water is required to clean the reflecting surfaces. Whilst suitable for glass reflectors, this paper discusses the effects of existing cleaning processes on the optical and visual properties of polymer film surfaces, and then describes the development of a more benign but effective contact cleaning process for cleaning polymer reflectors. The effects of a range of cleaning brushes are discussed, with and without the presence of water, in the presence of sand and dust particles from selected representative locations. Reflectance measurements and visual inspection shows that a soft cleaning brush with a small amount of water can clean polymer film reflecting surfaces without inflicting surface damage or reducing specular reflectance. en_UK
dc.language.iso en en_UK
dc.publisher AIP Publishing en_UK
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.title Contact cleaning of polymer film solar reflectors en_UK
dc.type Article en_UK

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