High input voltage high frequency class E rectifiers for resonant inductive links

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dc.contributor.author Aldhaher, Samer
dc.contributor.author Luk, Patrick Chi-Kwong
dc.contributor.author El Khamlichi Drissi, Khalil
dc.contributor.author Whidborne, James F.
dc.date.accessioned 2016-07-22T11:39:18Z
dc.date.available 2016-07-22T11:39:18Z
dc.date.issued 2014-04-08
dc.identifier.citation Aldhaher, S. et al. (2015) High input voltage high frequency class E rectifiers for resonant inductive links, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 30, Iss. 3, pp. 1328-1335 en_UK
dc.identifier.issn 0885-8993
dc.identifier.uri 10.1109/TPEL.2014.2316170
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.lib.cranfield.ac.uk/handle/1826/10158
dc.description.abstract The operation of traditional rectifiers such as half-wave and bridge rectifiers in wireless power transfer applications may be inefficient and can reduce the amount of power that is delivered to a load. An alternative is to use Class E resonant rectifiers which are known to operate efficiently at high resonant frequencies and at large input voltages. Class E rectifiers have a near sinusoidal input current which leads to an improved overall system performance and increased efficiency, especially that of the transmitting coil driver. This paper is the first to investigate the use of Class E resonant rectifiers in wireless power transfer systems based on resonant inductive coupling. A piecewise linear state-space representation is used to model the Class E rectifier including the rectifying diode’s forward voltage drop, its ON resistance and the equivalent series resistance of the resonant inductor. Power quality parameters, such as power factor and total harmonic distortion, are calculated for different loading conditions. Extensive experimental results based on a 10 W prototype are presented to confirm the performed analysis and the efficient operation of the rectifier. An impressive operating efficiency of 94.43 % has been achieved at a resonant frequency of 800 kHz. en_UK
dc.language.iso en en_UK
dc.publisher IEEE en_UK
dc.subject AC-DC power converters en_UK
dc.subject High-frequency rectifiers en_UK
dc.subject Inductive power tramsmission en_UK
dc.title High input voltage high frequency class E rectifiers for resonant inductive links en_UK
dc.type Article en_UK

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