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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A beginners guide to literature in the field of aeroelasticityBattoo, R. S.
1987Cardiovascular and subjective measures of task demand in a low workload monitoring task : summary reportBraby, Carole D.
Jul-1977A comparative evaluation of searching by controlled language and natural language in experimental N.A.S.A. data baseCleverdon, Cyril W.
1995Comparison if the convergence behaviour of three linear solvers for large, sparse unsymmetric matricesShaw, Scott
1996Comparison of the time vector method and the state-space method (Eigenvector analysis) for aircraft parameter identificationBaek, Y.
2001Compilation of Work on Siting Methodology and Hydrogeological Potential of the Pounder Rig.Tindimugaya, C.; Luutu, A.; Danert, Kerstin; Carter, Richard C.
Jul-1987Compressible Flow Produced by Distributed Sources of Mass: An Exact SolutionClarke, J. F.
1996Computer-aided conceptual aircraft design (CACAD) for transport aircraftVaziry-Zanjany , Mohammad Ali (F)
Jun-2001Contractor Drilling with Pounder IIDanert, Kerstin; Carter, Richard C.
1995Control jet-slender body performance characteristics at hypersonic speedsKontis, Konstantinos
1997Cranfield situation awareness scale :Dennehy, K.
1996Descriptions of Cranfield Aircraft Group design projects (1979-96)Fielding, J. P.
Dec-1960The Design of Michell Optimum StructuresChan, A. S. L.
Oct-1988Design Synthesis for Canard-Delta Combat Aircraft (Optimization)Serghides, V. C.
1993Development of satellite telecommunications during the period 1990-2005Kumar, D.
1990The drag of spheres at porosites ranging from an isolated sphere to a packed bedPike, J.
1990The dry-bed problem in shallow-water flowsToro, E. F.
1992Dynamics of shuttle based flexible antenna systemMoch, M.
2005Effect of iron on the performance of IN 625 weld deposits - final technical reportChubb, J. P.; Billingham, John
1989The effect of longitudinal stagger on the aerodynamic interference between two axisymmetrical bodies whose centrelines are parallel, at zero pitch and are separated by 1.05 body diametersLlewelyn-Davies, D. I. T. P.; Hussain, Z.
Showing results 22 to 41 of 113