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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1951Tests on the general instability of a stiffened metal cylinder under axial compressionHeald, W. R.
2007Text classification method reviewMahinovs, Aigars; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Roy, Rajkumar (series editor); Baxter, David (series editor)
Oct-1956A theoretical and experimental study of the boundary layer flow on a 45 degrees swept back wingBurrows, F. M.
Nov-1951Theoretical stability derivatives of a highly swept delta wing and slender body combinationNonweiler, T.
Oct-1953The theoretical wave drag at zero lift of fully-tapered swept wings of arbitrary sectionNonweiler, T.
Jun-1952The theory of general instability of cylindrical shellsRadok, J. R. M.
Jul-1949The time to achieve peak output with special reference to aircraft productionStanley, P. J.
Jan-1953The two-dimensional laminar boundary layer at hypersonic speedsNonweiler, T.
2009UK Aviation: Carbon Reduction Futures. Final Report to the Department for Transport.Morris, Joe; Rowbotham, Alex; Morrell, Peter; Foster, Andy; Poll, Ian; Owen, Bethan; Raper, David; Mann, Mike; Ralph, Malcolm
1997UK/Germany Factory Performance ComparisonNew, Colin; Szwejczewski, Marek; Goffin, Keith; Pfeiffer, Rolf; Lohm├╝hler, Bertram
2003Understanding Supply Chain Risk: A Self-Assessment Workbook-
Jul-1955The unsteady aerodynamic forces on deforming, low aspect ratio wings and slender wing-body combinations oscillating harmonically in a compressible flowMilne, R. D.
Apr-1951The use of a potential flow tank for testing axi-symmetric contraction shapes suitable for wind tunnelsBabister, A. W.; Marshall, W. S. D.; Lilley, G. M.; Sills, E. C.; Deards, S. R.
Oct-1982Vibration characteristics of a cantilever plate with swept-back leading edgeHeiba, A. E.
Apr-1951Vibrations of a swept boxRadok, J. R. M.
25-May-2011The water footprint of English beef and lamb productionChatterton, Julia C.; Hess, Tim M.; Williams, Adrian G.
May-1950Wave reflection near a wallRobinson, A.
Apr-1947Wing body interference at supersonic speedsKirkby, S.; Robinson, A.
2000Women directors on top UK boardsSingh, Val; Vinnicombe, Susan; Johnson, P.
2009Women on Boards: Hang Seng Index 2009Mahtani, S.; Vernon, K.; Sealy, Ruth
Showing results 244 to 263 of 263