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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1954The economics of aircraft production : a study of the control of overhead costs in aircraft manufactureTwiss, B. C.
Dec-1958The effect of body incidence on the forces and moments on two afterbodies with a rearward facing jet in a subsonic uniform flowCraven, A.H.
Jul-1957The effect of combustor outlet temperature profiles on ramjet thrustWilliams, M. R.; Greenwood, S. W.
Jun-1968The effect of curing conditions on the extent of cure of Polyester Resin Crystic 189 (Scot-Bader Ltd.)Smith, D. A.
May-1962The effect of curvature on the stress concentrations around holes in shellsHoughton, D. S.; Rothwell, A.
Jul-1959The effect of density on jet flow at subsonic speedsCraven, A. H.
19Effect of engine, tank and propellant specific cost on single stage recoverable booster economicsCarton, Dennis S.
Jun-1969The effect of grain size on workhardening and superplasticity in Zn/0.4% Al AlloyNaziri, H.; Pearce, R.
Oct-1957The effect of jet deflection on the interference of a rearward facing jetCraven, A. H.
1965The effect of lift-system airflow on the hull aerodynamics of hovercraftAndrews, E. J.
May-1963The effect of nitrogen in alpha-iron on ferromagnetic domain boundary movement examined by a mechanical damping methodSteward, M. J.
Oct-1967The effect of plastic anisotropy on flange wrinkling behaviour during sheet metal formingNaziri, H.
Mar-1947The effect of the sweepback of delta wings on the performance of an aircraft at supersonic speedsRobinson, A.; Davies, F.T.
Feb-1956The effect of transition wires on the pressure distribution over a NACA 63A215 aerofoil sectionHarris, K. D.
Nov-1966The effect of varying strain-ratio on the hydraulic bulging behaviour of aluminium sheetBott, Charles H.; Pearce, Roger
Sep-1955The effect of vibrations (sonic and subsonic frequencies) during the period of solidification on the mechanical properties of castings of gas turbine materials with special reference to H. R. Crown Max and Nimonic C. 75Jagaciak, Jerzy
2011Effects of EMFs from Undersea Power Cables on Elasmobranchs and Other Marine Species.Tricas, Timothy; Gill, Andrew B.
Sep-2011Effects of nonlinear flight control system elements on aircraftLone, M. Mudassir; Cooke, Alastair K.
2010Effects of Pile-driving Noise on the Behaviour of Marine FishMueller-Blenkle, Christina; McGregor, Peter K.; Gill, Andrew B.; Andersson, Mathias H.; Metcalfe, Julian; Bendall, Victoria; Sigray, Peter; Wood, Daniel T.; Thomsen, Frank
Sep-1948The efficiency of adiabatic expansionMorley, A. W.
Showing results 192 to 211 of 761