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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1960Ablation studies of low melting point bodies in a pre-heated supersonic air streamCleaver, J. W.
1966An abstract of a paper by D. Battat 'a new kinetic approach to the shock wave structure'-
Nov-1957Addendum to a theoretical and experimental study of the boundary layer flow on a 45 degrees swept back wingWalton, J.
Jan-1956Addendum to type record. Avro "Lancaster" Mk.1 P. A. 474 Type record No. 1/P1/Lancaster. Investigation of boundary layer conditions on wings. M.O.S. Contract No.6/Aircraft/9807/C. B. 6(a)College of Aeronautics, Department of Aircraft Design
Sep-1967The aerodynamic characteristics of a family of related hovercraft shapesAndrews, E. J.
Nov-1961Aerodynamic characteristics of a hypersonic parachuteBoyd, E. A.
Sep-1956Aerodynamic characteristics of a swept wing with spanwise blowing.Ayers, R. F.; Wilde, M. R.
Jan-1960The aerodynamic derivatives of an aerofoil oscillating in an infinite staggered cascadeCraven, A. H.
Mar-1949The aerodynamic derivatives with respect to rate of yaw for a delta wing with small dihedral at supersonic speedsHunter-Tod, J. H.
Dec-1947The aerodynamic derivatives with respect to sideslip for a delta wing with small dihedral at supersonic speedsRobinson, A.; Hunter-Tod, J. H.
Oct-1950Aerofoil theory for swallow tail wings of small aspect ratioRobinson, A.
May-1967Aeroplane design studies: bpropeller turbine and pure jet powered general purpose transport aircraft (academic years 1963 and 1965)Howe, D.
Nov-1963Aeroplane design studies conventional and V.T.O.L. freighter aircraft (Academic Years 1959 and 1961)Howe, D.
Feb-1965Aeroplane design studies mach 2.2 and mach 3.0 supersonic airliners (academic years 1960 and 1962)Howe, D.
Jun-1972Aeroplane design study STOL airliner (A71). Part 1- configuration description and dataHowe, D.; Ward, R. E.
Jul-1972Aeroplane design study STOL airliner (A71). Part 2- detail design featuresHowe, D.
Jun-1972Aeroplane design study STOL airliner (A71). Part 3- low speed lift and controlWard, R. E.
2005Agricultural Futures and Implications for the Environment.Morris, Joe; Audsley, Eric; Wright, Iain A.; McLeod, Jim; Pearn, Kerry R.; Angus, Andrew; Rickard, Sean
Mar-1952Aileron reversal and divergence of swept wings with special consideration of the relevant aerodynamic and elastic characteristicsRadok, J. R. M.
Mar-2011Aircraft Cabin Air Sampling Study: Part 1 of the Final ReportCrump, Derrick; Harrison, Paul; Walton, Christopher
Showing results 4 to 23 of 629