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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Trametes versicolor: Potential for atrazine bioremediation in calcareous clay soil, under low water availability conditions.Bastos, Ana Catarina; Magan, Naresh
2001Transformation dependence of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) as shown by PiezoAFM surface mapping of Sol-gel produced PZT on various substrates.Dunn, Steve; Whatmore, Roger W.
2007Travel abroad or stay at home?: Investigating the patterns of bank industry M&As in the EU.Figueira, Catarina; Nellis, Joseph G.; Schoenberg, Richard
Dec-2006Trichophyton species: use of volatile fingerprints for rapid identification and discrimination.Sahgal, Natasha; Monk, Barry; Wasil, Mohammad; Magan, Naresh
Mar-2007UK Competition Policy and Shareholder Value: The Impact of Merger InquiriesArnold, Malcolm F.; Parker, David
2001The UK's National Electronic Site Licencing Initiative.Woodward, Hazel
2006Ultrahigh resolution of lead zirconate titanate 30/70 domains as imaged by piezoforce microscopy.Dunn, Steve; Shaw, Christopher P.; Huang, Zhaorong; Whatmore, Roger W.
Apr-2007Uncertainty avoidance and the rate of business ownership across 21 OECD countries, 1976–2004.Wennekers, Sander; Thurik, A. Roy; van Stel, André; Noorderhaven, Niels
Apr-2002Understanding, Implementing and Exploiting Agility and Leanness.Aitken, James; Christopher, Martin; Towill, Denis R.
Aug-2007A Unifying Framework for Finite Wordlength Realizations.Hilaire, Thibault; Chevrel, Philippe; Whidborne, James F.
2003Using feature design to showcase the corporate brand.Sackett, Peter J.; Kefallonitis, E. G.
2007Using the HR intranet: An exploratory analysis of its impact on managerial satisfaction with the HR functionAlleyne, Cheryl; Kakabadse, Andrew P.; Kakabadse, Nada K.
Oct-2004Using the surface spontaneous depolarization field of ferroelectrics to direct the assembly of virus particles.Dunn, Steve; Cullen, David C.; Abad-Garcia, Estefania; Bertoni, Cristina; Carter, Richard C.; Howorth, Dave; Whatmore, Roger W.
Apr-2005Visioning the Pathway: A Leadership Process ModelKakabadse, Nada K.; Kakabadse, Andrew P.; Lee-Davies, Linda
Oct-2003Vulnerability of subsoils in Europe to compaction: a preliminary analysis.Jones, Robert J. A.; Spoor, G.; Thomasson, A. J.
1-Mar-2009Warehouse design: A structured approach.Baker, Peter; Canessa, Marco
5-Aug-2004Water activity, solute and temperature modify growth and spore production of wild type and genetically engineered Aspergillus niger strains.Parra, Roberto; Aldred, David; Archer, David B.; Magan, Naresh
2001What do we mean by corporate social responsibility?Moir, Lance
2006Why is productivity so dispersed?Griffith, Rachel; Haskel, Jonathan; Neely, Andrew
Jul-2007Winning the Future - A Business Overview.Nellis, Joseph G.
Showing results 203 to 222 of 222