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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2007On ice-induced instability in free-surface flows.Shapiro, Evgeniy; Timoshin, Sergei
Jun-2005An open-path, hand-held laser system for the detection of methane gas.van Well, Ben; Murray, Stuart; Hodgkinson, Jane; Pride, Russ D.; Strzoda, Rainer; Gibson, Graham; Padgett, Miles
Mar-2007Operating strategies for variable-flow sequencing batch reactors.Bungay, S.; Humphries, M.; Stephenson, Tom
Sep-2007Optimisation of business process designs: An algorithmic approach with multiple objectives.Vergidis, K.; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Majeed, Basim; Roy, Rajkumar
1-Mar-2001Organic and Hydraulic Shock Loadings on a Biological Aerated Filter.Mendoza-Espinosa, L. G.; Stephenson, Tom
Aug-2002Organizational Politics: The Cornerstone for Organizational Democracy.Butcher, David; Clarke, Martin
2006'Peak' Employers Organizations: International Attempts at Transferring Experience.Croucher, Richard; Tyson, Shaun; Wild, Alan
2002Performance Issues for Vertex Elimination Methods in Computing Jacobians using Automatic Differentiation.Tadjouddine, Mohamed; Forth, Shaun A.; Pryce, John D.; Reid, John K.
2007Photo-reduction of silver salts on highly heterogeneous lead zirconate titanate.Jones, Paul M.; Dunn, Steve
2008Physiological manipulation and formulation of the biocontrol yeast Pichia anomala for control of Penicillium verrucosum and ochratoxin A contamination of moist grain.Mokiou, Stella; Magan, Naresh
Oct-2006Pilot error and its relationship with higher organizational levels: HFACS analysis of 523 accidentsLi, Wen-Chin; Harris, Don
Jan-2007Porous, Functionally Gradient Pyroelectric Materials.Shaw, Christopher P.; Whatmore, Roger W.; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
Apr-2007Post-buckling behaviour of slender structures with a bi-linear bending moment-curvature relationshipVaz, M. A.; Patel, Minoo H.
20-Oct-2007Post-harvest control strategies: Minimizing mycotoxins in the food chain.Magan, Naresh; Aldred, David
May-2003Potential for detection of microorganisms and heavy metals in potable water using electronic nose technology.Canhoto, Olinda; Magan, Naresh
2006Preparation of sub-micron PZT particles with the sol-gel technique.Linardos, S.; Zhang, Qi; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
Sep-2007Prolonging the lives of buried crude-oil and natural-gas pipelines by cathodic protectionLilly, M. T.; Ihekwoaba, S. C.; Ogaji, S. O. T.; Probert, S. D.
Jun-2003Pulse-Extended Excimer Laser Crystallisation of Pb(Zr,Ti)O 3 Thin Films for Integration on Low Thermal Budget Substrates.Donohue, P. P.; Todd, M. A.; Huang, Zhaorong
Jul-2005Pyroelectric Arrays Using Ceramics and Thin Films Integrated Radiation Collectors: Design Fabrication and Testing.Whatmore, Roger W.; Landi, Spartaco; Shaw, Christopher P.; Kirby, Paul B.
Feb-2007Real-time Control of Pig Growth through an Integrated Management System.Parsons, David J.; Green, D. M.; Schofield, C. P.; Whittemore, C. T.
Showing results 148 to 167 of 222