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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2009Uncertainty challenges in service cost estimation for product- service systems in the aerospace and defence industriesErkoyuncu, John A.; Roy, Rajkumar; Shehab, Essam; Wardle, P.
9-Jun-2017Undercarriage drag prediction for a fixed undercarriage light aircraftBennett, Chris; Gautrey, Jim; Lawson, Nicholas
2004Understanding and Managing Corporate Brands: A System Dynamics PerspectiveDunnion, B; Knox, Simon
2008Understanding how organisational characteristics of UK contact centres impact their scope for innovationSmith, Marisa K.; Ball, Peter D.; van der Meer, Robert
2011Understanding pilots’ cognitive processes for making in-flight decisions under stressLi, Wen-Chin; Harris, Don; Hsu, Yueh-Ling; Wang, Thomas
2006Understanding the dynamics of the blood supply chain: is demand prediction possible?Wilding, Richard D.; Hick, R. S. J.; Chapman, J.
Dec-2012Understanding the implications of service contracting in product-service businessesPhumbua, Sarocha; Tjahjono, Benny
2007A Unified Mathematical Model for High Speed Hybrid (Air and Water-borne) Vehicles.Collu, Maurizio; Patel, Minoo H.; Trarieux, Florent
Nov-2016The United Kingdom's 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review - economic, procurement and Brexit implicationsYoung, S
2009Unmanned aerial vehicle route planning on a dynamically changing waypoint based map for exploration purposesKladis, G. P.; Economou, J. T.; Tsourdos, Antonios; White, B. A.; Knowles, K.
31-Dec-2013Unscented kalman filter for the identification of passive control devicesCeravolo, Rosario; De Stefano, Alessandro; Matta, Emiliano; Quattrone, Antonino; Zanotti Fragonara, Luca
28-Jul-2017Unscented Kalman Filter for Vision Based Target Localisation with a QuadrotorDena Ruiz, J A; Aouf, N
2008The Use of Action Research in Marketing Strategy Development.Maklan, Stan; Knox, Simon; Ryals, Lynette
20-Aug-2012Use of COTS functional analysis software as an IVHM design tool for detection and isolation of UAV fuel system faultsNiculita, Octavian; Irving, Phil; Jennions, Ian K.
31-Mar-2009The Use of DfE Rules During the Conceptual Design Phase of a Product to Give a Quantitative Environmental Evaluation to DesignersAlhomsi, H.; Zwolinski, P.
27-Oct-2015The use of job aids for visual inspection in manufacturing and maintenanceCharles, Rebecca; Johnson, Teegan L.; Fletcher, Sarah
10-Aug-2017The use of simulation to optimize the pinhole diameter and mask thickness for an x-ray backscatter imaging systemVella, A; Munoz, A; Healy, MJF; Lane, DW; Lockley, D
1-Apr-2009Use-Oriented Business Models and Flexibility in Industrial Product-Service SystemsRichter, A.; Sadek, T.; Steven, M.; Welp, E. G.
31-Mar-2009A User Centred Approach to Eliciting and Representing Experience in Surgical Instrument DevelopmentRestrepo, J.; Nielsen, T. A.; Pedersen, S. M.; McAloone, Timothy Charles
2006Using agroecological zones to promote European collaboration in organic farming research.Burgess, Paul J.; Sannier, C. A. D.
Showing results 782 to 801 of 828