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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Safety requirements for cyclists during impacts to the legsHardy, Roger N.; Watson, J. W.; Kayvantash, K.
18-Jul-2016Scaling Milton Keynes power requirements for electrical transportationNieto-Martin, Jesus; Butans, Eugene; Correa-Castillo, Pablo; Fontaine, Jerome; Gonnelle, Alexis; Lahjibi, Mohamed; Vrancken, Carlos
31-Mar-2009Scenario-Based Evaluation of Perception of Picture Quality Failures in LCD TelevisionsKeijzers, J.; Scholten, L.; Lu, Y.; den Ouden, E.
31-Mar-2009Scenarios and the Design Process in Medical ApplicationsRasoulifar, R.; Thomann, G.; Villeneuve, F.
8-Apr-2015Search strategies in human visual inspectionCharles, Rebecca; Tailor, Mitul; Fletcher, Sarah
2010Semantic Knowledge Based Approach for Product Maintenance SupportSanya, Isaac; Shehab, Essam; Roy, Rajkumar; Houseman, O.; Jonik, M.
29-Apr-2016Sensitive detection of methane at 3.3 μm using an integrating sphere and interband cascade laserDavis, Nicholas M.; Hodgkinson, Jane; Francis, Daniel; Tatam, Ralph P.
2005Sensitive elements based on bacteriorhodopsin for fiber-optics sensors of chemical componentsSharkany, Y. P.; Trikur, I. I.; Korposh, Serhiy A.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
31-Dec-2014Sensitive protein detection using an optical fibre long period grating sensor anchored with silica core gold shell nanoparticlesMarques, L.; Hernandez, F. U.; Korposh, Sergiy; Clark, M.; Morgan, S. P.; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
1-Apr-2009Sensitivity Cost-Benefit Analysis to Support Knowledge Capture of Industrial InterestsPaci, A. M.; Chiacchio, M. S.
1-Apr-2009Service and manufacturing knowledge in product-service systems: a case studyDoultsinou, Athanasia; Baxter, David; Roy, Rajkumar; Gao, James X.; Mann, A.
1-Apr-2009Service Development and Implementation - A Review of the State of the ArtTorney, M.; Kuntzky, K.; Herrmann, C.
1-Apr-2009Service Engineering as an Approach to Designing Industrial Product Service SystemsSchuh, G.; Gudergan, G.
1-Apr-2009Service Information in the Provision of Support Service Solutions: A State-of-the-art ReviewKundu, S.; McKay, A.; Cuthbert, R.; McFarlane, D.; Saxena, D.; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Johnson, P.
Oct-2008SESAR: Getting Good Value for Airlines.Brooker, Peter
31-Mar-2009Set-Based Concurrent Engineering Model for Automotive Electronic/Software Systems DevelopmentAl-Ashaab, Ahmed; Howell, S.; Usowicz, K.; Hernando Anta, P.; Gorka, A.
2011Set-Based Concurrent Engineering process within the LeanPPD environmentKhan, Muhammad; Al-Ashaab, Ahmed; Doultsinou, Athanasia; Shehab, Essam; Ewers, Paul; Sulowski, Robert
31-Mar-2009Set-Based Design Method Reflecting the Different Designers’ IntentionsInoue, M.; Ishikawa, H.
2004The shadow in the balance sheet: The spectre of Enron and how accountants use the past as a psychological defence against the futureCooper, David; James, Kim; Kwiatkowski, Richard; Taffler, Richard J.
2009Shock compression and recovery of microorganism-loaded broths and an emulsionHazell, P. J.; Groves, K.; Stennett, C.; Beveridge, C.
Showing results 578 to 597 of 711