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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The radar signature of the Wind Lens: a less disruptive wind turbine?Balleri, Alessio; Al-Armaghany, A.; Griffiths, H.; Tong, K.; Matsuura, T.
2012Rapid modeling of field maintenance using discrete event simulationAlabdulkarim, Abdullah A.; Ball, Peter D.; Tiwari, Ashutosh
2005A rapid product development environment for post-graduate student aircraft design projectsLockett, Helen L.; Fielding, John
31-Mar-2009Real 3D Geometry and Motion Data as a Basis for Virtual Design and TestingWeidlich, D.; Zickner, H.; Riedel, T.; Böhm, A.
31-Dec-2014Realising the potential of art-based methods in managerial learning: embodied cognition as an explanatory view of knowledgeSpringborg, Claus; Ladkin, Donna
2011Real-time people and vehicle detection from UAV imageryGaszczak, Anna; Breckon, Toby P.; Han, Jiwan
28-Jul-2017Real-Time Setup with PD and Backstepping Control for a Pelican QuadrotorDena Ruiz, J A; Aouf, N
2011Real-time visual saliency by division of GaussiansKatramados, Ioannis; Breckon, Toby P.
3-Mar-1999Recent application and developments of the Biobead systemCantwell, A. D. C.; Mosey, F. E.
12-Jun-1996Recent experience and developments using the Biopur BAF processClarke, S.
Mar-2017Recognizing driver braking intention with vehicle data using unsupervised learning methodsXing, Y.; Lv, C.; Wang, H.; Cao, Dongpu
31-Mar-2009Reconfigurable micro-mould for the manufacture of truly 3D polymer microfluidic devicesMarson, Silvia; Attia, Usama M.; Allen, David M.; Tipler, P.; Jin, T.; Hedge, J.; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
2007Redesign of an industry test for hot tearing of high performance aluminium casting alloys using casting simulation softwareSmith, A; Jolly, Mark
2005Reduction of Bromate Source ContaminationButler, R.; Ehrenberg, S.; Godley, Andrew R.; Lake, R.; Lytton, L.; Cartmell, Elise
2012Reduction of energy consumption and GHGs emission in investment casting process by application of a new casting methodDai, Xiaojun J.; Jolly, Mark R.; Zhang, Binxu
2011Refractive index sensitivity of fibre optic long period gratings with SiO2 nanoparticle based mesoporous coatingsKorposh, Sergiy; Lee, Seung-Woo; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2010Reliability of floating foundation concepts for vertical axis wind turbinesKolios, Athanasios J.; Collu, Maurizio; Brennan, Feargal P.
1-Apr-2009Remanufacturing on a Framework for Integrated Technology and Product-System Lifecycle Management (ITPSLM)Guelere Filho, A.; Pigosso, D. C. A.; Ometto, A. R.; Rozenfeld, H.
1-Dec-2015Remote Real-Time Collaboration Platform enabled by the Capture, Digitisation and Transfer of Human-Workpiece InteractionsPrabhu, Vinayak Ashok; Oyekan, John; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Advikolanu, Yohann; Burgess, Mark; Mcnally, Rob
Sep-2016Remote sensing and GIS analysis for demarcation of coastal hazard line along the highly eroding Krishna-Godavari delta frontKallepalli, A; Kalkani, N R; James, J B
Showing results 623 to 642 of 830