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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Objective speckle displacement resulting from the deformation of shaped objectsCharrett, Thomas O. H.; Tatam, Ralph P.
31-Mar-2009Object-Oriented Simulation Model Generation in an Automated Control Software Development FrameworkFoeken, M. J.; van Tooren, M. J. L.
1-Apr-2009Obsolescence Challenges for Product-Service Systems in Aerospace and Defence IndustryRomero Rojo, Francisco Javier; Roy, Rajkumar; Shehab, Essam; Wardle, P. J.
26-Jul-2016On-line Vis-Nir sensor determination of soil variations of sodium, potassium and magnesiumTekin, Yucel; Tumsavas, Zeynal; Ulusoy, Yahya; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
Sep-2004Onset of methanogenesis in landfilled MSW.Barry, D. L.; Smith, Richard; Harries, C.
3-Mar-2015On the Characteristics of a Twin-Jet STOVL FountainSaddington, Alistair J.; Knowles, K.; Cabrita, P. M.
31-Mar-2009On the Potential of Function-Behavior-State (FBS) Methodology for the Integration of Modeling ToolsAlvarez Cabrera, A. A.; Erden, M. S.; Tomiyama, Tetsuo
19-Sep-2013On the profile intensive biw design and optimization –the front module case study-Chantzis, Dimitrios; Salonitis, Konstantinos; Paralikas, John; Chryssolouris, George
2013On the profile intensive BIW design and optimization - The front module case studyChantzis, Dimitrios; Paralikas, John; Salonitis, Konstantinos; Chryssolours, George
11-May-2011On the critical thickness of ceramic to shatter WC-Co bullet coresHazell, P. J.; Roberson, C. J.
2005Optical coherence tomography with a Fizeau interferometer configurationCasaubieilh, P.; Ford, Helen D.; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
31-Mar-2009Optimal Design of Planar Paraller Manipulators 3 RRR Through Lower Energy ConsumptionRojas-Salgado, A. A.; Ledezma-Rubio, Y. A.
2006Optimisation of Sheet Forming for Textile Composites using variable Peripheral Pressure.Long, Andrew; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Harrison, Phil; Clifford, Mike; Sutcliffe, Michael P. F.
30-Jun-2016Optimisation of solvolysis for recycling carbon fibre reinforced compositesKeith, Matthew J.; Oliveux, Géraldine; Leeke, Gary A.
2004Optimisation of the High Efficiency Deep Grinding Process with Fuzzy Fitness Function and Constraints.Jones, Phil; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Roy, Rajkumar; Corbett, John
19-Sep-2013Optimization and analysis of cutting parameters using cryogenic media in machining of high strength alloy steelTahir, Waseem; Jaffery, Husain; Ali, Liaqat; Khan, Mushtaq; Butt, Shahid; Jaffery, Mehdi
Jan-2017An optimization method for nacelle designRobinson, M.; MacManus, David G.; Heidebrecht, A.
19-Sep-2013Optimization of roughing operations in cnc machining for rapid manufacturing processesOsman, Muhammed; Case, Keith; Watts, Darren
30-Jun-2014Overview of Remaining Useful Life prediction techniques in Through-life Engineering ServicesOkoh, C.; Roy, Rajkumar; Mehnen, Jorn; Redding, Louis E.
1992An overview of tea research in Tanzania - with special reference to the Southern Highlands.Carr, M. K. V.; Ndamugoba, D. M.; Burgess, Paul J.; Myinga, G. R.
Showing results 445 to 464 of 682