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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Nano-level surface generation on H13 alloy steel by ultra-precision grinding with electrolytic in-process dressingJavaid, N.; Stephenson, David J.; Vitanov, V. I.
2007Nested long period grating interferometersMurphy, Richard P.; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2012Neural Network Based Classification of Unbalances in Rotating MachinerySirigineedi, G.; Perinpanayagam, Suresh; Jennions, Ian K.
Aug-2011Neutral description and exchange of design computational workflowsGondhalekar, A. C.; Guenov ., Marin D.; Wenzel, H.; Nunez, M.; Balachandran, L. K.
3-Mar-1999A new generation of Aerated FilterMartin, J.
8-Jul-2016New methods for onset detection of acoustic emission signalsGagar, Daniel; Bai, Fangliang; Zhao, Yifan; Foote, Peter
1-Apr-2009New Models For Sustainable Fashion Industry System: A Case Study About Fashion Net FactoriesRanzo, P.; Sbordone, M. A.; Veneziano, R.
22-Jul-2013Nonlinear predictive control of autonomous soaring UAVs using 3DOF modelsLiu, Yuyi; Longo, Stefano; Kerrigan, Eric C.
31-Jul-2017Non-stationary stochastic optimization of an oscillating water columnJalon, Maria L.; Brennan, Feargal
2011A non-temporal texture driven approach to real-time fire detectionChenebert, Audrey; Breckon, Toby P.; Gaszczak, Anna
10-Nov-2016A novel accelerometer based feedback concept for improving machine dynamic performanceAbir, Jonathan; Morantz, Paul; Longo, Stefano; Shore, Paul
19-Sep-2013A novel approach to collaborative product development in the medical-equipment industryTseng, Kevin C; Chien-Lung, Hsu
31-Jul-2016Novel gear diagnosis technique based on spectral kurtosisChandra, Harish; Gelman, Leonid
19-Sep-2013A novel methodology to ascertain the heating mechanism of steel wire during annealing in a tube furnaceHasan, Reaz; Baddage, S; Perera, Noel; Persson, Martin
19-Sep-2013Novel nanocomposite automotive temperature sensing technologyKelly, Andrew; Impey, Sue; Mitsev, Petar; Nicholls, John
2006N-Tox® - Early warning of nitrification toxicity for activated sludge treatmentCallister, S.; Stephenson, Tom; Butler, M. D.; Cartmell, Elise
2005Numerical experiments of two-phase flow in pipelines with a two-fluid compressible modelLoilier, P.; Omgba-Essama, C.; Thompson, Chris
21-Apr-2016Numerical investigation of an incompressible flow over a backward facing step using a unified fractional step, artificial compressibility and pressure projection (ESAC-PP) methodJenkins, Karl; Teschner, Tom; Konozsy, Laszlo
2004Numerical simulation of high velocity impacts on thin metallic targets I and IIVignjevic, Rade; Campbell, James C.; Lepage, Séverine
11-Sep-2015Numerical validation of the two-scale actuator disc theory for marine turbine arraysPerez-Campos, Edgar; Nishino, Takafumi
Showing results 516 to 535 of 828