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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Managing Information Flows for Product-Service Systems DeliveryDurugbo, Christopher; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
Jul-2002Marketing, Existential Malpractice and an Etherised Discipline: A Soteriological Comment.McDonald, Malcolm
2003Marriage without the option of divorce: measuring the quality of long-term collaborative business relationships.Humphries, Andrew; Wilding, Richard D.
2008A Mathematical Model to Analyze the Static Stability of Hybrid (Aero- Hydrodynamically Supported) Vehicles.Collu, Maurizio; Patel, Minoo H.; Trarieux, Florent
2011Measurement and modelling of the transient thermal-mechanical strain field during GMA weldingCoules, Harry E.; Cozzolino, Luis D.; Colegrove, Paul A.; Wen, S. W.
2014Measurements and analysis of multistatic and multimodal micro-Doppler signatures for automatic target classificationPerassoli, M.; Balleri, A.; Woodbridge, K.
31-Mar-2009The Mechanisms of Construction of Generic Product Configuration with the Help of Business Object and Delay DifferentiationIzadpanah, S-H.; Gzara, L.; Tollenaere, M.
1-Apr-2009Metadata Reference Model for IPS2 Lifecycle ManagementAbramovici, M.; Neubach, M.; Schulze, M.; Spura, C.
Oct-2003Methane production, emission and control during MSW landfilling.Barry, D. L.; Smith, Richard; Gregory, R. G.; Harries, C.
31-Mar-2009A Method of Analyzing Complexity by Effects and Rapid Acquisition of the Most Ideal Solution Based on TRIZZhang, P.; Liu, F.; Zhang, D. R.; Tan, R. H.
1-Apr-2009A Method of Supporting Conflict Resolution for Designing ServicesAkiyama, Y.; Shimomura, Y.; Arai, T.
31-Mar-2009A Methodology for Variability Reduction in Manufacturing Cost Estimating in the Automotive Industry based on Design FeaturesRomero Rojo, Francisco Javier; Roy, Rajkumar; Shehab, Essam
31-Mar-2009A Methodology of Persona-centric Service DesignHosono, S.; Hasegawa, M.; Hara, T.; Shimomura, Y.; Arai, T.
2006Methods for Engineering Change Propagation AnalysisRutka, A.; Guenov, Marin D.; Lemmens, Y.; Schmidt-Schäffer, T.; Coleman, P.; Rivière, A.
1-Apr-2009A Method to Analyze PSS from the Viewpoints of Function, Service Activity, and Product BehaviorHara, T.; Arai, T.; Shimomura, Y.
2009Microstrip antennas utilizing MEMS for reconfigurable polarisation statesMorrow, I. L.; Clow, N.; Schaubert, D. H.
2009Modelling and verification of multiple UAV mission Using SMVSirigineedi, G.; Tsourdos, A.; Zbikowski, Rafal; White, B.
2011Modelling distortion reduction on pre- and post-weld rolled gas metal arc welded platesCozzolino, Luis D.; Coules, Harry E.; Colegrove, Paul A.; Wen, S. W.
1997Modelling Heat Generation and Transfer during Cure of Thermoset Composites Processed by Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)Skordos, Alexandros A.; Maistros, George M.; Turmel, Denis J-P; Partridge, Ivana K.
2005Modelling of impact on a fuel tank using smoothed particle hydrodynamicsVignjevic, Rade; De Vuyst, Tom; Campbell, James C.; Bourne, Neil K.
Showing results 247 to 266 of 448