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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2011The capability enhancement of aluminium casting process by application of the novel CRIMSON methodDai, Xiaojun; Jolly, Mark R.; Zeng, Binxu
Sep-2009Capability Readiness for Product-Service SystemsTetlay, Abideen; John, Philip
19-Sep-2013Capturing the industrial requirements of set-based design for CONGA frameworkAl-Ashaab, Ahmed; Golob, Matic; Noriega, Paula; Torriani, Filippo; Alvarez, Pedro; Beltran, Ana; Busachi, Alessandro; Ex-Ignotis, Lambert; Rigatti, Carlotta; Sharma, Sanjiv
2013Capturing the Industrial Requirements of Set-Based Design for the CONGA FrameworkAl-Ashaab, Ahmed; Golob, Matic; Noriega, Paula; Torriani, Filippo; Alvarez, Pedro; Beltran, Ana; Busachi, Alessandro; Ex-Ignotis, Lambert; Rigatti, Carlotta; Sharma, Sanjiv
2010CASS•E: Cranfield astrobiological stratospheric sampling experimentNaicker, L.; Grama, V. V.; Juanes-Vallejo, Clara M.; Katramados, Ioannis; Rato, Carla Cristina Pereira Salgueiro Catarino; Rix, Catherine S.; Sanchez, E.; Cullen, David C.
30-Jun-2016CFD analysis of an enhanced nozzle designed for plasma figuring of large optical surfacesYu, Nan; Jourdain, Renaud; Gourma, Mustapha; Shore, Paul
1-Apr-2009Challenges for Industrial Product/Service Systems: Experiences from a learning network of large companiesSundin, E.; Ölundh Sandström, G.; Lindahl, M.; Öhrwall Rönnbäck, A.; Sakao, T.; Larsson, T. C.
19-Sep-2013Challenges in the industrialization process of low-volume production systemsSiavash, Javadi; Jessica, Bruch; Monica, Bellgran; Peder, Hallemark
19-Sep-2013Challenges of cloud technology in manufacturing environmentYadekar, Yaser; Shehab, Essam; Mehnen, Jorn
19-Sep-2013Challenges of lean thinking application in product-service systemElnadi, Moustafa; Shehab, Essam; Peppard, Joe
6-Aug-2017The challenges, uncertainties and opportunities of bioaerosol dispersion modelling from open composting facilitiesWilliams, Ben; Hayes, Enda; Nasir, Zaheer; Rolph, Catherine; Jackson, Simon; Khera, Shagun; Bennett, Alan; Gladding, Toni; Drew, Gillian H.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
21-Sep-2015Characterisation and measurement to the sub-micron scale of a reference wire positionSanz, Claude; Cherif, Ahmed; Durand, Helene Mainaud; Morantz, Paul; Shore, Paul
19-Sep-2013Characterisation of the relationship between surface texture and surface integrity of superalloy components machined by grindingZeng, Quanren; Liu, Geng; Qin, Yi; Liu, Lan
Oct-2007Characterisation of untreated and treated biodegradable wastesGodley, Andrew R.; Frederickson, Jim; Lewin, Kathy; Smith, Richard; Blakey, N.
2008Characterising the level of crashworthiness for impacts on hard ground and water surfaces for a metallic helicopter under floor structure: What lessons can be learned?Hughes, Kevin
2003Characteristics of Supply Relationships and related People Management IssuesKoulikoff-Souviron, Marie; Harrison, Alan
Sep-2006Charaterisation of treated wastes to support an evidence base for sustainable waste management.Lewin, Kathy; Godley, Andrew R.; Turrell, J.; Smith, Richard; Frederickson, Jim; Graham, Adele; Gronow, Jan R.; Blakey, N.
1-Apr-2009The Chinese Service Industry as a Challenge for European SME: A Systematic Approach for Market EntrySchmitt, R.; Schumacher, S.; Scharrenberg, C.
Mar-2010Clarifying the Concepts of System Maturity, System Readiness and Capability Readiness through Case StudiesTetlay, Abideen; John, Philip
2009Coherent fibre bundles in full-field swept-source OCTFord, Helen D.; Tatam, Ralph P.
Showing results 85 to 104 of 828