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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-1996Aeration optimisation of Biolgical Aerated FiltersPearce, Peter A.
1-Apr-2009An Aerospace Component Cost Modelling Study for Value Driven DesignCheung, J. M. W.; Scanlan, J. P.; Wiseall, S. S.
1-Apr-2009Affordability Assessment of Industrial Product-Service System in the Aerospace Defence IndustryBankole, O. O.; Roy, Rajkumar; Shehab, Essam; Wardle, P.
31-Mar-2009Affordance Feature Reasoning in Some Home Appliances ProductsLim, J. S.; Kim, Y. S.
2008Airborne mapping of complex obstacles using 2D SplinegonLazarus, Samuel B.; Shanmugavel, Madhavan; Tsourdos, Antonios; Zbikowski, Rafal; White, Brian A.
27-Jun-2017Airborne sand and dust soiling of solar collecting mirrorsSansom, Christopher; Almond, Heather; King, Peter; Endaya, Essam; Bouaichaoui, Sofiane
9-Jun-2017The aircraft spin - a mathematical approach and comparison to flight testBennett, Christopher J.; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Gautrey, Jim; Cooke, Alastair
May-2008Airport economic regulation and capital investment: lessons from the United Kingdom experiencePagliari, Romano
Oct-2003Air quality and worker health effects in materials recovery facilities (MRFs) in England and Wales.Gladding, T.; Thorn, Jörgen; Smith, Richard
30-May-2016Ammonia sensing using lossy mode resonances in a tapered optical fibre coated with porphyrin-incorporated titanium dioxideTiwari, Divya; Mullaney, Kevin; Korposh, Serhiy; James, Stephen W.; Lee, Seung-Woo; Tatam, Ralph P.
31-Mar-2009Analysing Discrete Event Simulation Modelling Activities Applied in Manufacturing System DesignJohansson, J.
2012An analysis of Hotmail artefacts in Firefox 9David, A.; Hargreaves, C. J.
1-Apr-2009Analysis of Integrated Product and Service Offerings from Current Perspectives of Providers and CustomersSakao, T.; Sundin, E.
18-Jun-2012An analysis of methods to achieve robustness towards a lean product development processCabello, Alan; Flores, Karina; Flores, Myrna; Khan, Muhammad; Al-Ashaab, Ahmed
May-2017Analysis of natural landing trajectories for passive landers in binary asteroids: A case study for (65803) 1996GT didymosCelik, Onur; Sánchez, Joan Pau; Karatekin, Ozgur; Ritter, Birgit
19-Sep-2013Analysis of the “make or buy” decision process in a research and development smeSarkandi, Mohammad; Baguley, Paul; Tiwari, Ashutosh
2008ANASE: Lessons from 'Unreliable Findings'Brooker, Peter
Oct-2007Application of DR4 and BM100 Biodegradability tests to treated and untreated organic wastesGodley, Andrew R.; Lewin, Kathy; Frederickson, Jim; Smith, Richard; Blakey, N.
Sep-2016Application of spectral and spatial indices for specific class identification in Airborne Prism EXperiment (APEX) imaging spectrometer data for improved land cover classificationKallepalli, A.; Kumar, Arvind; Khoshelham, K.; James, D. B.
19-Sep-2013Applications and benefits of digital human models to improve the design of workcells in car’s manufacturing plants according to international standardsSpada, Stefania; Germanà, Danila; Ghibaudo, Lidia; Sessa, Fabrizio
Showing results 21 to 40 of 834