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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Validation of an intrinsic groundwater pollution vulnerability methodology using a national nitrate database.Holman, Ian P.; Palmer, R. C.; Bellamy, Patricia H.; Hollis, J. M.
Mar-2006The value and usage of ticket flexibility for short haul business travellers.Mason, Keith J.
2014A variable neighborhood search with an effective local search for uncapacitated multilevel lot-sizing problemsXiao, Yiyong; Zhang, Renqian; Zhao, Qiuhong; Kaku, Ikou; Xu, Yuchun
2003Variable Polarity (AC) Arc Weld Brazing of Galvanized Sheet.Joseph, Andy; Webb, Chris; Haramia, Mike; Yapp, David
2009The variation in lateral and longitudinal stress gauge response within an RTM 6 epoxy resin under one-dimensional shock loadingAppleby-Thomas, G. J.; Hazell, P. J.; Stennett, C.
30-Jun-2015Variation of Oriental Oak (Quercus variabilis) Leaf δ13C across Temperate and Subtropical China: Spatial Patterns and Sensitivity to PrecipitationDu, Baoming; Kang, Hongzhang; Zhu, Yanhua; Zhao, Xuan; Yin, Shan; Burgess, Paul J.; Liu, Chunjiang
9-Sep-2016Variation of theanine, phenolic, and methylxanthine compounds in 21 cultivars of Camellia sinensis harvested in different seasonsFang, Rui; Redfern, Sally P.; Kirkup, Don; Porter, Elaine A.; Kite, Geoffrey C.; Terry, Leon A.; Berry, Mark J.; Simmonds, Monique S.J.
12-Sep-2013Vasa Nervorum in rat major pelvic ganglion are innervated by nitrergic nerve fibersBeetson, Karl A.; Smith, Stephanie F.; Munner, Asif; Cameron, Norman E.; Cotter, Mary A.; Cellek, Selim
2010Viability of Bradyrhizobium japanicum on soybean seeds enhanced by magnetite nanoparticles during desiccationGhalamboran, M. R.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
2007Videogrammetry: A practical method for measuring vegetation motion in wind demonstrated on wheat.Hobbs, Stephen; Seynat, Cedric; Matakidis, Panos
1999Virtual Teaming in the Agile Supply ChainBal, J.; Wilding, Richard D.; Gundry, J.
2006Voluntarism as an organizing principle for 'responsible organizations'Clarke, Martin; Butcher, David
2011Voluntary sector HRM: Examining the influence of GovernmentKelliher, Clare; Parry, Emma
2009Voluntary sector responses to increased resourcing challengesParry, Emma; Kelliher, Clare
2013Wall-resolved large eddy simulation over NACA0012 airfoilLin, Yujing; Savill, Mark; Vadlamani, Nagabhushana Rao
2015Wargaming - What Have You Got To Lose?Franken, Arnoud
Jan-2011Warranty claim analysis considering human factorsWu, Shaomin
2008The Water Act 2003 and sustainable abstractionSowter, Peter; Howsam, Penny
15-Dec-2014Water and energy footprint of irrigated agriculture in the Mediterranean regionDaccache, A.; Ciurana, J. S.; Rodriguez Diaz, J. A.; Knox, Jerry W.
2009Water availability affects extracellular hydrolytic enzyme production by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticusAlam, Sahib; Shah, Hamid Ullah; Magan, Naresh
Showing results 2305 to 2324 of 2380