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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2016Radial blast prediction for high explosive cylinders initiated at both endsAnastacio, A; Knock, C
1-Apr-2017Radiation pattern performance of unequally linear arrays with parasitic elementShahadan, N. H.; Kamarudin, Muhammad Ramlee; Jamaluddin, M. H.; Yamada, Y.
24-Jun-2016Radiocarbon dating of Early Egyptian pot residuesDee, M W; Wengrow, D; Shortland, A J; Stevenson, A; Brock, F; Bronk Ramsay, C
14-Jun-2016Radioluminescence properties of the CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot nanocrystals with analysis of long-memory trendsNikolopoulos, D.; Valais, I.; Michail, C.; Bakas, A.; Fountzoula, C.; Cantzos, D.; Bhattacharyya, Debabrata; Sianoudis, I.; Fountos, G.; Yannakopoulos, P.; Panayiotakis, G.; Kandarakis, I.
3-Apr-2015Range-resolved interferometric signal processing using sinusoidal optical frequency modulationKissinger, Thomas; Charrett, Thomas O. H.; Tatam, Ralph P.
Nov-2015Range-resolved signal processing for fibre segment interferometry applied to dynamic long-gauge length strain sensingKissinger, Thomas; Correia, Ricardo N.; Charrett, Thomas O. H.; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2011A rapid and high-throughput quantum dots bioassay for monitoring of perfluorooctane sulfonate in environmental water samplesZhang, Jiong; Wan, Yanjian; Li, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Qiongfang; Xu, Shunqing; Zhu, Huijun; Shu, Baihua
16-Dec-2016Rapid gravity filtration operational performance assessment and diagnosis for preventative maintenance from on-line dataUpton, Andrew; Jefferson, Bruce; Jarvis, Peter
2009Rapid qualitative and quantitative detection of beef fillets spoilage based on Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy data and artificial neural networksArgyri, Anthoula A.; Panagou, Efstathios Z.; Tarantilis, P. A.; Polysiou, M.; Nychas, George-John E.
18-May-2017A rate-based approach to cleaning-in-placeTrinh, Linda; Willey, A. Roy; Martin, Peter J.; Ashley, Jon; Tothill, Ibtisam E.; Rodgers, Thomas Lawrence
30-Nov-2016The rate of Binary Black Hole mergers inferred from Advanced LIGO observations surrounding GW150914Abbott, B P; Davies, G S; LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration
11-Apr-2013Reactive Atom Plasma (RAP) figuring machine for meter class optical surfacesJourdain, Renaud; Castelli, Marco; Shore, Paul; Sommer, P.; Proscia, David
Apr-2003Real-time measures of canopy size as a basis for spatially varying nitrogen applications to winter wheat sown at different seed ratesWood, G. A.; Welsh, J. P.; Godwin, R. J.; Taylor, John C.; Earl, R.; Knight, S. M.
26-Jul-2016Real-time smart and standalone vision/IMU navigation sensorChermak, Lounis; Aouf, Nabil; Richardson, Mark; Visentin, G
20-Jul-2015Rear wheel torque vectoring model predictive control with velocity regulation for electric vehiclesSiampis, Efstathios; Velenis, Efstathios; Longo, Stefano
2-Oct-2017Receding horizon control for oil reservoir waterflooding processGrema, Alhaji Shehu; Cao, Yi
2013Recent Development of Flax Fibres and Their Reinforced Composites Based on Different Polymeric MatricesZhu, Jinchun; Zhu, Huijun; Njuguna, James A. K.; Abhyankar, Hrushikesh
2004Recent developments in polyurethane-based conducting polymer compositesNjuguna, James A. K.; Pielichowski, Krzysztof
2006Recent developments in the application of risk analysis to waste technologies.Pollard, Simon J. T.; Smith, Richard; Longhurst, Philip J.; Eduljee, G. H.; Hall, D. H.
24-Jan-2017Recent progress in cellulose nanocrystals: sources and productionTrache, D.; Hussin, M. H.; Haafiz, M. M.; Kumar, Vijay
Showing results 2583 to 2602 of 3372