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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2017QPLAN: Decision support for evaluating planning quality in software development projectsAmaral Feris, Marco
3-Aug-2016A qualification procedure to manufacture and repair aerospace parts with electron beam meltingPortoles, L.; Jorda, O.; Jorda, L.; Uriondo Del Pozo, Adrian; Esperon Miguez, Manuel; Perinpanayagam, Suresh
1-Oct-2016The quality of equality: thinking differently about gender inclusion in organizationsAdamson, M.; Kelan, Elisabeth K.; Lewis, P.; Rumens, N.; Śliwa, M.
2010Quantification of the number of adsorbed bacteria on an optical waveguideYeh, Yun-Peng; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
2011Quantification of viable Legionella pneumophila cells using propidium monoazide combined with quantitative PCR.Yáñez, M. Adela; Nocker, Andreas; Soria-Soria, Elena; Múrtula, Raquel; Martínez, Lorena; Catalán, Vicente
10-Aug-2016Quantifying the effect of aerial imagery resolution in automated hydromorphological river characterisationRivas Casado, Monica; Ballesteros Gonzalez, Rocio; Wright, Ros; Bellamy, Pat
29-Apr-2013Quantifying the loss of methane through secondary gas mass transport (or 'slip') from a micro-porous membrane contactor applied to biogas upgradingMcLeod, Andrew J.; Jefferson, Bruce; McAdam, Ewan J.
7-Apr-2017Quantifying the percentage of methane formation via acetoclastic and syntrophic acetate oxidation pathways in anaerobic digestersJiang, Ying; Banks, Charles; Zhang, Yue; Heaven, Sonia; Longhurst, Philip J.
2005Quantitative analysis of a closed photoacoustic cell that uses a high compliance piezoelectric transducerHodgkinson, Jane; Johnson, Mark; Dakin, John P.
Aug-2009Quantitative and qualitative analysis of methanogenic communities in mesophilically and psychrophilically cultivated anaerobic granular biofilimsO'Reilly, Joe; Lee, Changsoo; Collins, Gavin; Chinalia, Fabio A.; Mahony, Therese; O'Flaherty, Vincent
2002Quantitative assessment of skin layers absorption and skin reflectance spectra simulation in the visible and near-infrared spectral regionsMeglinski, I. V.; Matcher, S. J.
Dec-2015Quantitative evaluation of stereo visual odometry for autonomous vessel localisation in inland waterway sensing applicationsKriechbaumer, Thomas; Blackburn, Kim; Breckon, Toby P.; Hamilton, Oliver; Rivas Casado, Monica
2011Quantitative shearography: error reduction by using more than three measurement channelsCharrett, Thomas O. H.; Francis, Daniel; Tatam, Ralph P.
3-Apr-2015Quantum cascade laser light propagation through hollow silica waveguidesFrancis, D.; Hodgkinson, Jane; Livingstone, B.; Tatam, Ralph P.
11-Jul-2016Radial blast prediction for high explosive cylinders initiated at both endsAnastacio, A; Knock, C
24-Jun-2016Radiocarbon dating of Early Egyptian pot residuesDee, M W; Wengrow, D; Shortland, A J; Stevenson, A; Brock, F; Bronk Ramsay, C
14-Jun-2016Radioluminescence properties of the CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot nanocrystals with analysis of long-memory trendsNikolopoulos, D.; Valais, I.; Michail, C.; Bakas, A.; Fountzoula, C.; Cantzos, D.; Bhattacharyya, Debabrata; Sianoudis, I.; Fountos, G.; Yannakopoulos, P.; Panayiotakis, G.; Kandarakis, I.
3-Apr-2015Range-resolved interferometric signal processing using sinusoidal optical frequency modulationKissinger, Thomas; Charrett, Thomas O. H.; Tatam, Ralph P.
Nov-2015Range-resolved signal processing for fibre segment interferometry applied to dynamic long-gauge length strain sensingKissinger, Thomas; Correia, Ricardo N.; Charrett, Thomas O. H.; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2011A rapid and high-throughput quantum dots bioassay for monitoring of perfluorooctane sulfonate in environmental water samplesZhang, Jiong; Wan, Yanjian; Li, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Qiongfang; Xu, Shunqing; Zhu, Huijun; Shu, Baihua
Showing results 2224 to 2243 of 2925