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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Nano and microhardness testing of aged EB PVD TBCsWellman, R. G.; Tourmente, H.; Impey, S. A.; Nicholls, J. R.
2004Nano and Micro indentation studies of bulk zirconia and EB PVD TBCsWellman, R. G.; Dyer, A.; Nicholls, J. R.
Sep-2006Nano-assembled thin film gas sensors. 1. Ammonia detection by a porphyrin-based multilayer film.Korposh, Serhiy O.; Takahara, Naoki; Ramsden, Jeremy J.; Lee, Seung-Woo; Kunitake, Toyoki
Nov-2009Nanocoatings on micro- or nano-particlesLibor, Zsuzsanna; Zhang, Qi; Israel, C.; Mathur, N. D.
2008Nanofiller Fibre-Reinforced Polymer NanocompositesNjuguna, James A. K.; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Desai, S.
2010Nanopolycrystalline materials; A general atomistic model for simulationSayle, D.C.; Mangili, B.C.; Price, D.W.; Sayle, T.X.T.
2011Nanosecond-range imprint and retention characterized from polarization-voltage hysteresis loops in insulating or leaky ferroelectric thin filmsJiang, A. Q.; Liu, X. B.; Zhang, Qi
2008Narrating the real corporate storyAmbler, Tim; Neely, Andrew
2011Natural Fibers, Bio- and NanocompositesKalia, Susheel; Avérous, Luc; Njuguna, James A. K.; Cherian, Bibin Mathew; Dufresne, Alain
2009Natural mechanical degradation measurements in slow speed bearingsElforjani, Mohamed; Mba, David
2004Natural organic matter - The relationship between character and treatabilityParsons, Simon A.; Jefferson, Bruce; Goslan, Emma Harriet; Jarvis, Peter; Fearing, David Andrew
2008Networked control systems and wireless sensor networks: theories and applications.Yang, Shuang-Hua; Cao, Yi
Jul-2009Network modelling and simulation toolsRahman, Muhammad Azizur; Pakstas, Algirdas; Wang, Frank Zhigang
2006New Advances in Forming Functional Ceramics for Micro DevicesDorey, Robert A.; Rocks, Sophie A.; Dauchy, Florent; Navarro, A.
2011A new application of scanning electrochemical microscopy for the label-free interrogation of antibody-antigen interactions.Holmes, Joanne L.; Davis, Frank; Collyer, Stuart D.; Higson, Seamus P. J.
2008Newly appointed directors in the boardroom: How do women and men differ?Singh, Val; Terjesen, Siri; Vinnicombe, Susan
2005New model for light propagation in highly inhomogeneous polydisperse turbid media with applications in spray diagnosticsBerrocal, Edouard; Meglinski, I. V.; Jermy, Mark C.
2011A new model for the effect of pH on microbial growth: an extension of the Gamma hypothesisLambert, Ronald J. W.
2007The new multidimensional time/multi-frequency transform for higher order spectral analysisGelman, Leonid; Petrunin, Ivan
2006A New Reactive Atom Plasma Technology (RAPT) for Precision Machining: the Etching of ULE® SurfaceFanara, C.; Shore, Paul; Nicholls, J. R.; Lyford, N.; Kelley, J.; Carr, J.; Sommer, P.
Showing results 1195 to 1214 of 1899