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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Identification and predictive control of a multistage evaporatorAtuonwu, J. C.; Cao, Yi; Rangaiah, G. P.; Tade, M. O.
22-Dec-2016Identification of discrete-time output error model for industrial processes with time delay subject to load disturbanceDong, Shijian; Liu, Tao; Wang, Wei; Bao, Jie; Cao, Yi
20-Apr-2015Identification of meat spoilage gene biomarkers in Pseudomonas putida using gene profilingMohareb, Fady R.; Iriondo, Maite; Doulgeraki, Agapi I.; Van Hoek, Angela; Aarts, Henk; Cauchi, Michael; Nychas, George-John E.
17-May-2016Identification of novel stress-responsive biomarkers from gene expression datasets in tomato rootsThompson, Andrew J.; Kevei, Zoltan
31-Jan-2017Identification of strategy implementation influencing factors and their effects on the performanceAlharthy, Abdullah H.; Rashid, Hamad; Pagliari, Romano; Khan, Faisal
2005Identification of the acoustic emission source during a comparative study on diagnosis of a spur gearboxTan, Chee Keong; Mba, David
2014Identifying Adaptation Options and Constraints: The Role of Agronomist Knowledge in Catchment Management StrategyDolan, Tom; Howsam, Peter; Parsons, David J.; Whelan, M.J.; Varga, Liz
2010Identifying future risks to UK agricultural crop production: Putting climate change in contextKnox, Jerry W.; Morris, Joe; Hess, Tim M.
2011Identifying non-stationary groundwater level response to North Atlantic ocean- atmosphere teleconnection patterns using wavelet coherenceHolman, Ian P.; Rivas Casado, Monica; Bloomfield, J. P.; Gurdak, J. J.
2006Identifying source correlation parameters for hydrocarbon wastes using compound- specific isotope analysis.Hough, Rupert L.; Whittaker, Martin; Fallick, Anthony E.; Preston, Tom; Farmer, John G.; Pollard, Simon J. T.
24-Apr-2016Identifying the right solution customers: a managerial methodologyMaklan, Stan; Macdonald, Emma K.
24-Oct-2016Identifying the roles of university fundraisers in securing transformational gifts: Lessons from CanadaNyman, J.; Pilbeam, C.; Baines, Paul R.; Maklan, Stan
2014Identifying the science and technology dimensions of emerging public policy issues through horizon scanningParker, Miles; Acland, Andrew; Armstrong, Harry J.; Bellingham, Jim R.; Bland, Jessica; Bodmer, Helen C.; Burall, Simon; Castell, Sarah; Chilvers, Jason; Cleevely, David D.; Cope, David; Costanzo, Lucia; Dolan, James A.; Doubleday, Robert; Feng, Wai Yi; Godfray, H. Charles J.; Good, David A.; Grant, Jonathan; Green, Nick; Groen, Arnoud J.; Guilliams, Tim T.; Gupta, Sunjai; Hall, Amanda C.; Heathfield, Adam; Hotopp, Ulrike; Kass, Gary; Leeder, Tim; Lickorish, Fiona A.; Lueshi, Leila M.; Magee, Chris; Mata, Tiago; McBride, Tony; McCarthy, Natasha; Mercer, Alan; Neilson, Ross; Ouchikh, Jackie; Oughton, Edward J.; Oxenham, David; Pallett, Helen; Palmer, James; Patmore, Jeff; Petts, Judith; Pinkerton, Jan; Ploszek, Richard; Pratt, Alan; Rocks, Sophie A.; Stansfield, Neil; Surkovic, Elizabeth; Tyler, Christopher P.; Watkinson, Andrew R.; Wentworth, Jonny; Willis, Rebecca; Wollner, Patrick K. A.; Worts, Kim; Sutherland, William J.
2013Identifying training deficiencies in military pilots by applying the human factors analysis and classification systemLi, Wen-Chin; Harris, Don
2014Identifying uncertainty in environmental risk assessments: the development of a novel typology and Its implications for risk characterisationSkinner, Daniel J. C.; Rocks, Sophie A.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Drew, Gillian H.
2-Mar-2017IGBT thermal stress reduction using advance control strategySoulatiantork, Payam; Alghassi, Alireza; Faifer, Marco; Perinpanayagam, Suresh
2013Illumination invariance and shadow compensation via spectro-polarimetry techniqueIbrahim, I.; Yuen, P.; Hong, K.; Chen, T.; Soori, U.; Jackman, J.; Richardson, M.
26-May-2017Image dehazing based on partitioning reconstruction and entropy-based alternating fast-weighted guided filtersWang, Yuanyu; Yuen, Peter
Feb-2006Imaging of methane gas using a scanning, open-path laser systemGibson, Graham; van Well, Ben; Hodgkinson, Jane; Pride, Russ D.; Strzoda, Rainer; Murray, Stuart; Bishton, Steve; Padgett, Miles
27-Jan-2017Immersive mixed reality training for complex manufacturingGonzalez-Franco, M.; Pizarro, R.; Cermeron, J.; Li, Katie; Thorn, J.; Hutabarat, Windo; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Bermell, P.
Showing results 1470 to 1489 of 3417