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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Adaptation to climate change: legal challenges for protected areasCliquet, A.; Backes, C.; Harris, J.; Howsam, Peter
2011Adaptive control of a nonlinear aeroelastic systemLi, Daochun; Xiang, Jinwu; Guo, Shijun J.
2009Adaptive diagnosis of the bilinear mechanical systems.Gelman, Leonid; Gorpinich, S; Thompson, C
3-Oct-2013Adaptive mesh refinement of gas-liquid flow on an inclined planeCooke, J. J.; Armstrong, L-M.; Luo, K. H.; Gu, Sai
2006Adjoint Differentiation of a Structural Dynamics Solver.Tadjouddine, Mohamed; Forth, Shaun A.; Keane, Andy J.
2007The adoption of consortium B2B e-marketplaces: An exploratory studyWhite, Andrew; Daniel, Elizabeth; Ward, John; Wilson, Hugh
2002AD Tools and Prospects for Optimal AD in CFD Flux Jacobian Calculations.Tadjouddine, Mohamed; Forth, Shaun A.; Pryce, John D.
2010Advances in Applied Ceramics: Guest editorialHazell, P. J.
2012Aerodynamic and performance characteristics of a passive leading edge Kruger flap at low Reynolds numbersMoraris, Vassilis Michael; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Garry, Kevin P.
28-Apr-2016Aerodynamic Interference on Finned Slender BodyChaplin, Ross; MacManus, David G.; Leopold, Friedrich; Martinez, Bastien; Gauthier, Thibaut; Birch, Trevor
2005Aerodynamic investigations of ventilated brake discs.Parish, D.; MacManus, David G.
2010Aeroelastic dynamic response and control of an airfoil section with control surface nonlinearitiesLi, Daochun; Guo, Shijun J.; Xiang, Jinwu
2002Aerofoil Optimisation via AD of a Multigrid Cell-Vertex Euler Flow Solver.Forth, Shaun A.; Evans, Trevor P.
2008Aerospace Supply Chains as Evolutionary Networks of Activities: Innovation Via Risk-Sharing PartnershipsRose-Anderssen, Christen; Baldwin, James S.; Ridgway, Keith; Allen, Peter M.; Varga, Liz
2002AFM observation of surface topography of fibre Bragg gratings fabricated in germanium-boron codoped fibres and hydrogen-loaded fibres.Wei, C. Y.; Ye, Chen-Chun; James, Stephen W.; Irving, Phil E.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2013Africa risingNellis, Joseph G.
2015An agent-based model for energy service companiesRobinson, Marguerite; Varga, Liz; Allen, Peter
3-Apr-2014Agent based modeling of energy networksGonzalez de Durana, Jose Maria; Barambones, Oscar; Kremers, Enrique; Varga, Liz
17-Apr-2015Agent-based modeling of the energy network for hybrid carsGonzalez de Durana, Jose Maria; Barambones, Oscar; Kremers, Enrique; Varga, Liz
25-Feb-2016Aging Detection Capability for Switch-Mode Power ConvertersKaur Mann, Jaspreet; Perinpanayagam, Suresh; Jennions, Ian K.
Showing results 21 to 40 of 2082