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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012UK AFV and PPV procurement using Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR)Antill, P. D.; Smith, J. C. D.; Moore, D. M.
2004The UK Aircraft Noise Index Study: 20 Years on.Brooker, Peter
2009UK Aviation: Carbon Reduction Futures. Final Report to the Department for Transport.Morris, Joe; Rowbotham, Alex; Morrell, Peter; Foster, Andy; Poll, Ian; Owen, Bethan; Raper, David; Mann, Mike; Ralph, Malcolm
Feb-2008The UK code of corporate governance: link between compliance and firm performanceShabbir, Amama; Padgett, Carol
Mar-2007UK Competition Policy and Shareholder Value: The Impact of Merger InquiriesArnold, Malcolm F.; Parker, David
2004UK Defence Supply Chain Relationships: a Study of Sustained Monopoly.Humphries, Andrew; Wilding, Richard D.
Mar-2008UK farming post reform: the key marketing challengesRickard, Sean; Roberts, Deborah
1997UK/Germany Factory Performance ComparisonNew, Colin; Szwejczewski, Marek; Goffin, Keith; Pfeiffer, Rolf; Lohmühler, Bertram
1987UK manufacturing : the challenge of transformationNew, Colin
2001The UK's National Electronic Site Licencing Initiative.Woodward, Hazel
1991UK tax implications for the small businessBrown, Robert
30-Jun-2015Ultrafine particles in rural and urban dwellings with different household fuel use in developing countries – an example from PakistanNasar, Z. A.; Colbeck, I.; Ali, Z.; Ahmed, S.
2006Ultrahigh resolution of lead zirconate titanate 30/70 domains as imaged by piezoforce microscopy.Dunn, Steve; Shaw, Christopher P.; Huang, Zhaorong; Whatmore, Roger W.
Oct-2009Ultra-precision grinding of PZT ceramics--Surface integrity control and tooling designArai, S.; Wilson, Stephen A.; Corbett, John; Whatmore, Roger W.
2007Ultra-Sensitive determination of pesticides via cholinesterase-based sensors for environmental analysis.Davis, Frank; Law, Karen A.; Chaniotakis, Nikos A.; Fournier, Didier; Gibson, Timothy D.; Millner, Paul A.; Marty, Jean-Louis; Sheehan, Michelle A.; Ogurtsov, Vladimir I.; Johnson, Graham; Griffiths, John; Turner, Anthony P. F.; Higson, Seamus P. J.
2005Ultrasonic sensing using Yb3+/Er3+-codoped distributed feedback fibre grating lasers.Ye, Chen-Chun; Tatam, Ralph P.
2007Ultra-structural analysis of breast tissueRound, A R
Apr-2007Uncertainty avoidance and the rate of business ownership across 21 OECD countries, 1976–2004.Wennekers, Sander; Thurik, A. Roy; van Stel, André; Noorderhaven, Niels
1-Apr-2009Uncertainty challenges in service cost estimation for product- service systems in the aerospace and defence industriesErkoyuncu, John A.; Roy, Rajkumar; Shehab, Essam; Wardle, P.
2010Uncertainty estimation using the moments method facilitated by automatic differentiation in MatlabMenshikova, M.
Showing results 5849 to 5868 of 6167