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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Haloacetic acids and other disinfection by-products in UK treated waters : occurence, formation and precursor investigationBougeard, Cynthia
Dec-1981A hand anthropometric survey of British workersKember, Paul
2003Handling integrated quantitative and qualitative search space in engineering design optimisation problemsOduguwa, Victor; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Roy, Rajkumar
Sep-1963Handling track requirementsEllis, J. R.
1999Hand Sludging: A Report from North West Bengal.Ball, Peter D.; Danert, Kerstin
2004Hardiness, appraisal and coping; a qualitative study of high and low Hardy managersHamilton, Dawn; James, Kim
1987Hardship, discipline and entrepreneurshipHarper, Malcolm
10-Nov-2016A Hardware-in-the-Loop Facility for Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System Design and ValidationSoltani, Amirmasoud; Assadian, Francis
6-Jul-2012Harvesting energy from the dynamic deformation of an aircraft wing under gust loadingPozzi, Michele; Guo, Shijun J.; Zhu, Meiling
2010Hazards awareness for aircraft accident investigatorsBoston, Nathalie
1993Hazards due to helicopter wakesKist, R. A.
Jun-2010Health baseline comparisons and quality of life in people with cancerDavies, Nicola
2-Mar-2017Health management design considerations for an all electric aircraftSebastian, Robin K.; Perinpanayagam, Suresh; Choudhary, Raj
2010Health-state estimation and prognostics in machining processesCamci, Fatih; Chinnam, R. B.
Mar-2005Heat and mass transfer behaviours of building materials and structuresParra Saldivar, Maria Luisa
Feb-1998Heat and mass transfer regimes for room cooling and dehumidification using chilled water radiatorsHirayama, Y.
Sep-1991Heat exchanger design in a hot-water storeMote, R. T.
16-Sep-2015Heat integration for bio-oil hydroprocessing coupled with aqueous phase steam reformingShemfe, Mobolaji B.; Fidalgo Fernandez, Beatriz
2016Heat removal in axial flow high pressure gas turbineAlhajeri, Hamad
Apr-1980Heat transfer from swirling impinging jetsMahmood, M.
Showing results 3350 to 3369 of 8022