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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Cabin Air Sampling Study Functionality Test.Muir, Helen; Walton, Christopher; McKeown, Rebecca
Jan-2012Cabin environment and air quality in civil transport aircraftZhou, Weiguo
Sep-2004CAD interface and framework for curve optimisation applicationsMunaux, Olivier
Apr-1953The calculation of the profile drag of aerofoils and bodies of revolution at supersonic speedsYoung, A. D.
Apr-2003Calibration methodology for mapping within-field crop variability using remote sensingWood, G. A.; Taylor, J. C.; Godwin, R. J.
2008Calorimetric Investigations of a Series of Energetic PolyphosphazenesContini, Alessandro E
2008Can long-haul low-cost airlines be successful?Morrell, Peter
2013Can we model observed soil carbon changes from a dense inventory? A case study over England and Wales using three version of Orchidee ecosystem model (AR5, AR5-PRIM and O-CN)Guenet, B.; Moyano, F. E.; Vuichard, N.; Kirk, Guy J. D.; Bellamy, Patricia H.; Zaehle, Sönke; Ciais, P.
2011Capabilities of proprietary intermediate telehealth devicesAdeogun, Oluseun; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
Sep-2009Capability Readiness for Product-Service SystemsTetlay, Abideen; John, Philip
Nov-2003Capacitance Tip Timing Techniques in Gas TurbinesLawson, Craig
1991Capacity management in services and the influence on quality and productivity performanceArmistead, Colin
Sep-1995CAP-DAIRY: computer aided planning of dairy farmsRodrigues, Luiz Henrique Antunes
Apr-2003Capital productivity and investment : their role in profitable airline operationsMorrell, Peter
Jan-2011Capturing and assessing the chemical milling process capabilitySun, Yuhui
2008Capturing Tacit Knowledge in New Product Development : A Study of Post-Project ReviewsGoffin, Keith; Koners, Ursula
2013Capturing the Industrial Requirements of Set-Based Design for the CONGA FrameworkAl-Ashaab, Ahmed; Golob, Matic; Noriega, Paula; Torriani, Filippo; Alvarez, Pedro; Beltran, Ana; Busachi, Alessandro; Ex-Ignotis, Lambert; Rigatti, Carlotta; Sharma, Sanjiv
2004Carbon and titanium diboride (TiB2) multilayer coatings.Rao, Jeff; Cruz, R.; Lawson, K. J.; Nicholls, J. R.
2011Carbon Brainprint Case Study: ceramic coatings for jet engine turbine bladesParsons, David J.; Chatterton, Julia C.; Nicholls, J. R.
2011Carbon Brainprint Case Study: improved delivery vehicle logisticsParsons, David J.; Chatterton, Julia C.; Bernon, Mike; Palmer, Andrew
Showing results 572 to 591 of 5659