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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2016Calcium looping with supercritical CO2 cycle for decarbonisation of coal-fired power plantHanak, Dawid Piotr; Manovic, Vasilije
Apr-1953The calculation of the profile drag of aerofoils and bodies of revolution at supersonic speedsYoung, A. D.
May-1954The calculation of the wave drag of a family of low-drag axisymmetric nose shapes of fineness ratio 4.5 at zero incidence at supersonic speedsMarson, G. B.
Apr-2003Calibration methodology for mapping within-field crop variability using remote sensingWood, G. A.; Taylor, John C.; Godwin, R. J.
28-Mar-2017Calibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors for the discovery of the binary black-hole merger GW150914Abbott, B P; Davies, G S; LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration
Oct-1969Calibration of the flow in the channel of the whirling armAshill, P. R.; Osbourn, E. W.
2008Calorimetric Investigations of a Series of Energetic PolyphosphazenesContini, Alessandro E
17-May-2016Ca(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 dielectric thin films: preparation, structure, mechanical and dielectric propertiesLi, Runrun; Zhou, Jing; Chen, Wen; Zhang, Qi; Bao, Yiwang Bao
16-Apr-2015Camping, climbing trees and marching to Parliament: spatial dimensions of environmental protest in New ZealandO'Brien, T
2008Can long-haul low-cost airlines be successful?Morrell, Peter
1-Jun-2016Canonical variate analysis for performance degradation under faulty conditionsRuiz Cárcel, Cristóbal; Lao, Liyun; Cao, Yi; Mba, David
4-Apr-2016Can re-distributed manufacturing and digital intelligence enable a regenerative economy? An integrative literature reviewMoreno, Mariale; Charnley, Fiona
9-Dec-2016Can we be certain about future land use change in Europe? A multi-scenario, integrated-assessment analysisHolman, Ian P.; Brown, C.; Janes, Victoria J.; Sandars, Daniel L.
2013Can we model observed soil carbon changes from a dense inventory? A case study over England and Wales using three version of Orchidee ecosystem model (AR5, AR5-PRIM and O-CN)Guenet, B.; Moyano, F. E.; Vuichard, N.; Kirk, Guy J. D.; Bellamy, Patricia H.; Zaehle, Sönke; Ciais, P.
2011Capabilities of proprietary intermediate telehealth devicesAdeogun, Oluseun; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
19-Apr-2011The capability enhancement of aluminium casting process by application of the novel CRIMSON methodDai, Xiaojun; Jolly, Mark R.; Zeng, Binxu
Sep-2009Capability Readiness for Product-Service SystemsTetlay, Abideen; John, Philip
Nov-2003Capacitance Tip Timing Techniques in Gas TurbinesLawson, Craig P.
1991Capacity management in services and the influence on quality and productivity performanceArmistead, Colin
Aug-2016The capacity of organizations to deliver effective water management through the provisions of the Water Framework Directive: the case of MaltaXerri, Francesca
Showing results 871 to 890 of 8512