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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009Comparative study on the combustion and gasification of solid recovered fuels. Emphasis on residues characterisation and chlorine partitioningBalampanis, Dimitris E.
10-May-2008Comparing the antimicrobial effectiveness of NaCl and KCl with a view to salt/sodium replacement.Bidlas, Eva; Lambert, Ronald J. W.
2013Comparing the environmental impacts of alternative protein crops in poultry diets: The consequences of uncertaintyLeinonen, Ilkka; Williams, Adrian G.; Waller, Anthony H.; Kyriazakis, Ilias
2008Comparing the performance of market-based and accounting-based bankruptcy prediction modelsAgarwal, Vineet; Taffler, Richard J.
Oct-2012Comparison and evaluation of the Telehealth systems using a discrete event simulationGriscenko, Natalia
2010Comparison between disintegrated and fermented sewage sludge for production of a carbon source suitable for biological nutrient removalSoares, Ana; Kampas, Pantelis; Maillard, Sarah; Wood, Elizabeth; Brigg, Jon; Tillotson, Martin; Parsons, Simon A.; Cartmell, Elise
1995Comparison if the convergence behaviour of three linear solvers for large, sparse unsymmetric matricesShaw, Scott
Jan-2012The comparison of aerodynamic and stability characteristics between conventional and blended wing body aircraftWang, Faliang
Sep-2007Comparison of alternative tillage systemsVozka, Petr
2008Comparison of a novel enzymatic biodegradability test method with microbial degradation methodsWagland, Stuart Thomas; Godley, Andrew R.; Frederickson, Jim; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Smith, Richard
2011A comparison of artificial neural networks and partial least squares modelling for the rapid detection of the microbial spoilage of beef fillets based on Fourier transform infrared spectral fingerprintsPanagou, Efstathios Z.; Mohareb, Fady R.; Argyri, Anthoula A.; Bessant, Conrad M.; Nychas, George-John E.
May-2007Comparison of AVHRR, MODIS and VEGETATION for land cover mapping and drought monitoring at 1 km spatial resolutionToukiloglou, Pericles
2012Comparison of coagulation performance and floc properties using a novel zirconium coagulant against traditional ferric and alum coagulantsJarvis, Peter; Sharp, Emma; Pidou, Marc; Molinder, Roger; Parsons, Simon A.; Jefferson, Bruce
2011Comparison of coal/solid recovered fuel (SRF) with coal/refuse derived fuel (RDF) in a fluidised bed reactor.Wagland, Stuart Thomas; Kilgallon, P.; Coveney, R.; Garg, A.; Smith, Richard; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Simms, Nigel J.
2012Comparison of different bead-beating RNA extraction strategies: An optimized method for filamentous fungiLeite, Goncalo M.; Magan, Naresh; Medina, Ángel
2013Comparison of high-order methods on unstructured gridsIqbal, Kashif H.
2011Comparison of joining efficiency and residual stresses in laser and laser hybrid weldingSuder, Wojciech; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart W.; Paradowska, A. M.; Colegrove, Paul A.
1-Feb-2001A comparison of modified K-ε turbulence models for buoyant plumesWorthy, Jude; Sanderson, V. E.; Rubini, Philip A.
2014A comparison of polymer film and glass collectors for concentrating solar powerSansom, Christopher L.; Comley, Paul; Bhattacharyya, D.; Macerol, Nastja
8-Mar-2016Comparison of porcine thorax to gelatine blocks for woundMabbott, A; Carr, D J; Champion, S; Malbon, C
Showing results 871 to 890 of 6293