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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Cathodic and Anodic Material Diffusion in Polymer/Semiconductor-Nanocrystal Composite DevicesGallardo, D. E.; Bertoni, Cristina; Dunn, Steve; Gaponik, Nikolai; Eychmüller, Alexander
2004Caught in the CrossfireHarrington, John
2013Causes of scatter in high rate fracture testing of polymersAgnelli, S.; Horsfall, Ian
Apr-2011Cavitation induced starvation for piston-ring/liner tribological conjunction.Chong, William Woei Fong; Teodorescu, M.; Vaughan, Nicholas D.
Jan-1980Cavitation of superplastic alloys: a study using a hot microhardness techniqueSohal, Gurnam Singh
1997Cavitation performance of pumped hydrocarbonsLisle-Taylor, S. C.
2003CCDeW: Climate Change and Demand for Water.Downing, T. E.; Butterfield, R. E.; Edmonds, B.; Knox, Jerry W.; Moss, S.; Piper, B. S.; Weatherhead, E. K.
Oct-2007CCGT performance simulation and diagnostics for operations optimisation and risk managementMucino, Marco
2011Cellulose-Based Bio- and Nanocomposites: A ReviewKalia, Susheel; Dufresne, Alain; Cherian, Bibin Mathew; Kaith, B. S.; Avérous, Luc; Njuguna, James A. K.; Nassiopoulos, Elias
2012Central role of dynamic tidal biofilms dominated by aerobic hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria and diatoms in the biodegradation of hydrocarbons in coastal mudflatsCoulon, Frederic; Chronopoulou, P-M; Fahy, A; Païssé, S; Goñi-Urriza, M; Peperzak, L; Acuña, Alvarez L; McKew, BA; Brussaard, CPD; Underwood, GJC; Timmis, KN; Duran, R; McGenity, TJ
2010CEO: Hero or Villain?Turnbull James, Kim
Oct-2006CFD Analyses of Centrifugal Pumps with Emphasis on Factors Affecting Internal Pressure PulsationsSpence, R.
30-Jun-2016CFD analysis of an enhanced nozzle designed for plasma figuring of large optical surfacesYu, Nan; Jourdain, Renaud; Gourma, Mustapha; Shore, Paul
2008CFD design analysis of ventilated disc brakesPulugundla, Gautam
Jun-2016CFD modelling of post-combustion carbon capture with amine solutions in structured packing columnsSebastia-Saez, J. Daniel
Jul-1996CFD modelling of solid propellant ignitionLowe, C.
2009A CFD parametric study of geometrical variations on the pressure pulsations and performance characteristics of a centrifugal pump.Spence, R.; Amaral-Teixeira, J.
Jun-1996CFD prediction of coupled radiation heat transfer and soot production in turbulent flamesBressloff, N. W.
10-Jan-2017CFD simulation of horizontal oil-water flow with matched density and medium viscosity ratio in different flow regimesShi, Jing; Gourma, Mustapha; Yeung, Hoi
16-Apr-2015CFD simulations on the effect of catalysts on the hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oilGollakota, Anjani R. K.; Subramanyam, Malladi D.; Kishore, Nanda; Gu, Sai
Showing results 831 to 850 of 7504