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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1986Structural optimization of aircraft lifting surfaces to satisfy flutter requirementsSouahi, A.
1987Structure and organisation for IS/IT strategyWard, John
Nov-2009The Structure and Stability of High Temperature Intermetallic Phases for Application within Coating SystemsRoberts, Tracey
31-Mar-2009Structured Design Automationvan Tooren, M. J. L.; van der Elst, S. W. G.; Vermeulen, B.
21-Jan-2005Structure modification of 0–3 piezoelectric ceramic/polymer composites through dielectrophoresis.Wilson, Stephen A.; Maistros, George M.; Whatmore, Roger W.
2008Structure of sediment-associated bacterial communities along a hydrocarbon contamination gradient in coastal sedimentCoulon, Frederic; Peperzak, Louis; McGenity, Terry J.; Duran, Robert
2007Struvite crystallisation and recovery using a stainless steel structure as a seed material.Le Corre, Kristell S.; Valsami-Jones, Eugenia; Hobbs, Phil; Jefferson, Bruce; Parsons, Simon A.
1987Studies in entrepreneurship.-
Nov-1987Studies into the Failure Prediction of Brittle MaterialsNguyen, P. D.
Jun-1983Studies in transonic flowMohan, S. R.
Oct-1976Studies on liquid sheet disintegration in airblast atomizersRizk, N. K.
Jul-2011Studies on non-linear dynamic process monitoringIketubosin, P. P.
Feb-1998Studies on production and ecophysiology of fungal antagonists for improved biological control of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Iycopersici and Monilinia laxa.Lopez, Susana Pascual
Mar-2008Studies towards the development of label-free AC impedimetric immunosensors for healthcare and food quality controlTsekenis, Georgios
Dec-2004Studies towards the exploitation of sonochemically formed microelectrode arrays for the development of electrochemical sensors.Gornall, Davinia D.
2008Study of Blood Flow Behavior in MicrochannelsMarson, Silvia; Benade, M.; Attia, Usama M.; Allen, David M.; Kersaudy, Kerhoas M.; Hedge, J.; Morgan, S. L.; Larcombe, L. D.; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
Oct-2012Study of calcification formation and disease diagnostics utilising advanced vibrational spectroscopyKerssens, Marleen Maartje
Dec-1998A study of cognition and behaviour in top management team interactionJohnson, Phyllis
1990A study of cognitive styles of australian managersPayne, Adrian
2010Study of compositional change in the interfacial regions between lead strontium titanate (PST)/SiO2 and lead zirconate titanate (PZT)/SiO2 by Auger emission spectroscopyLuker, Arne; Zhang, Qi; Kirby, Paul B.
Showing results 4471 to 4490 of 5133